Sunday, February 21, 2010

We saw the baby! - Week 11

Doctor said that I had to come after Lunar New Year to check how the baby is. This time San came with me and we insisted that he must come in together with me to see the USG monitor.

Firstly doctor asked me how about the last three weeks, did I take a lot of rest and eat well...I said yes. I slept many many hours since I felt tired easily. Then she asked did I experience vomit or morning sickness....I said no. She seemed surprise to hear my answer. (On the first visit, she had asked me the same question and my answer was NO). To reassure herself, she asked the same question one more time.

She said that God helps me because I didn't experience any vomit or morning sickness which is normal for early pregnancy. God makes my physical condition so good and healthy. He knows that I live far away from hometown and the weather in Korea is totally different from Indonesia. This year winter is the worst winter in Korea, it is extremely cold compare to previous years. Thanks God!

Doctor started to put the USG scan to my tummy and we saw the cute small baby. Baby was idle at first but when San wanted to take some pictures, baby started to wave its hands and legs. All of us were so happy to see the movement, especially San, because it was the first time for him to see the baby. He successfully recorded the baby's movement!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

What a great husband!

He was so nice and helpful during this tiring week.
I got terrible headache and caught a bad flu these few days.
San was always there for me, offered helps and even replaced me to teach English at night class (something that he would not do in the past even though I begged him hihi^^).

He helped to clean the room (actually he did it himself without my help ^^) and also cooked for me. Surprised!

Thanks bun2!