Friday, March 20, 2009

Diet Mayo - update 1

Hey, a quick update for the Diet Mayo.

It's day-4 in our Diet far we're fine and healthy because we never skipped breakfast, lunch and dinner. The diet list gives us the list of food that we have to eat, such as potato, tomato, non-fat milk, meat, chicken, tea+sugar, etc. In the end of diet, we will lost 6-8 kgs with a healthy body, since it has measure everything that we need to consume for a day.

Sometimes we felt hungry in the middle of meal times, but we could eat fruits and drink. Not to left any food on your plate is a very important tip for this diet. Consume all and you won't feel too hungry until the next meal time.

Dad lost 2 kgs.
Dion lost 2.2 kgs.
I lost 2.5 kgs.

Diet is still going on...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

HIS time is not my time

Hello again....Now I want to share about Dita's visa :)

More than a month ago I finally got the visa to Korea. On the same day after getting my visa, I asked the Korean Embassy in Jakarta about the possibilities for Dita's visa. I was a little bit surprised on that day because they could accept our request for my wife's visa. For your information, the rules is that for accompanying person (wife/husband), the applicant must wait until six months after their husband/wife landed in Korea. So, it's quite weird when they could process our request. Two days later, they informed us that what they need is just a copy of my alien card which I should fax it from Korea.(Alien card is a card for foreigner who stay in Korea for a period of time. I'm still feel ridiculous that I'm an "alien" now....hehe.)

I went early to Korea and hoped that I can get alien card as soon as possible. After two weeks, I got the card and sent it by fax immediately. One day later, Dita called and informed that the Embassy needed one more thing: a notarized calling visa letter from me. What?? What is it again?? They had requested more than a copy of alien card, why? At that moment, the news I wanted to hear was about getting Dita's visa, but it wasn't. What should I do????? God please help us. Show us your way and will. I want to stay together with my wife. As You promised "Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate". It will happen to me, right? I'm so tiny and dumb, hard to understand Your wisdom and way. Please help us.

I was looking information about how to deal with notary matter, etc, and thank's God who showed me the way. I am glad to know some friends God gave me here : Bernardo, Mery, Ev.Bahagia and Roban who always support and help me. They gives me attention, prayer, and also efforts. They're completely my angels that God sent to me :) He also gave Gansanim Ran (PMF's staff - PMF is Pusan Mission for Foreigner which is an organization to help foreigner) who helped and accompanied me to the Notary (also with Ev.Bahagia). It only took 30 minutes (the last minute of office hour on friday...fiuh..) to finish that document, four pages long. What a fast pace compared with my own country to do such things like this. The precious 30 minutes was for translating my letter from English to Korean, waiting for the Notary to make his document completed, and the final stage was signing it then. Thank's to God for this elegant finishing time.

On saturday afternoon, I went to PMF office again to meet Moksanim (our Church's pastor) and discussed about this. One week before he already said to me that he could help by giving recommendation letter for Dita. After seeing the notarized letter, he said that he would do everything he can do on Monday (16/3/2009).

Monday, 16 March 2009............
16.10 Korean time, an SMS came to my handphone....Mery said that she had already sent all my eight pages document by fax. Not to wait another time, I called the Embassy in Jakarta to ask whether they had already accepted my document or not. They said, "Wait, I will take a look........a moment later.....not yet, we didn't accept anything from about try to call us 15 minutes later"

Then I was waiting..................15 minutes felt like 15 hours :)
15 minutes later I called them back, and she said, "Ok, you can take your wife's visa on wednesday 2pm".
I was surprised, "What? Are you sure? How about the documents? Do I need to send it to you by mail?".
She replied, "Not necessary, you just can take it on wednesday, no need other documents".

Thank's God for this good news from you. After that, I told everyone (sort in sequence) that have to know about this : Dita, Her mom, Moksanim, Bernardo, Merry, Ev.Bahagia, Roban.
I'm so happy.....................!!!!

It's a very long journey and it made me tired waiting (sometimes) for a long time. Especially from my wife that seemed desperate and sent a "white flag" to surrender...hehe.... (me too sometimes)
I learn a lot from this moment. HIS time is not my time. Even though we have our schedule to force our hope and prayer, HE is still the one, God of time. Trust, depend and enjoy HIM forever, start from today.

(Now I'm waiting for my wife to come to Busan, Korea. Hey honey...come here soon!)

Spring is coming

This week is a nice week for me along in Busan. Actually today is completely a month passed by since my arrival in Korea. My feeling is so great today because of two things : Dita's visa is approved by the Embassy and spring season is coming. The two things come up together and make me feel "WONDERFUL" :) Since I want to tell you the story about Dita's visa in a separated posting, now I want to share about how I enjoy this spring season.

As you know, Korea has sub tropical climate with four different season.
- Spring (Mar - Jun),
- Summer (Jul - Aug),
- Autumn (Sep - Nov), and
- Winter (Dec-Feb).
When I came in the middle of February, I felt freezing....brrrrrr. It was because I come from a tropical country that only has two season : Dry (Apr-Sept) and Wet (Oct-Mar).

Now, I realize that through my country Indonesia, God has given me so many blessing. The temperature throughout the year is very good, although sometimes there was natural disaster happened.

So, this is the first time when I can wear short pants and t-shirt only (in my bedroom...hehe). I mean when I go outside, I no need to wear until four or five clothes together anymore. Two is enough. The temperature is around 15-20 degrees centigrade now. It's great, isn't it?

Then I tried to think and compare between climate condition in a country and how a country developed themselves. I assume that a country in a "good" condition doesn't mean that the country also a developed country. For example, countries in the equator which have "good" nature condition such as : Indonesia, Gabon, Kongo, Maldives, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Kiribati, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador; have they already been highly developed country? But then you will ask me and think reversely : Not every countries in another part of the world have been already highly developed! Yeah, I know it either. I just want to share and dream (and try to make it happen).... When will my beloved country Indonesia become a fully developed nation....

Well, back to study and work hard then -as many as prayer to God of course-....
Jia you!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mayo Diet

Today is our 2nd day of Mayo Diet. It was introduced by my auntie when she knew that my dad went through unhealthy diet. Dad consumed mostly fruits, small portion of rice and no meat. He felt dizzy and sleepy throughout the day and night.

Auntie suggested me to accompany him using Mayo Diet. She has gone through the diet and lose 3 kgs in a week. In this 13-days of diet, we must follow the diet list which prohibit us to consume salt and cold water. The last dinner must be at 6 pm. If you forget to follow the rules, you have to start from day-1 again.
So, three of us -Dad, brother and me- has been on diet since yesterday!

So far, Dad and I can deal with it. Dion can't stand with the vegetables, since he seldom eat greenish ^^. But he prefers this kind of diet rather than detox juice diet that we ever tried a month ago.

Will keep update you with the progress. If you are interested, let me know! I'll post the list next time.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good news!

Yesterday I got a very good news from San. I was sleeping on the way back to hometown from Surabaya -which is two hours from Surabaya- when the phone rang and I heard his voice.

I was in Surabaya since Friday. My brother, Diyas was hospitalized suspected dengue fever, but it's not. The nurse told us that that's because of a virus. I'm not so sure about the detail, since the doctor didn't explain to much.

On Saturday, a friend called and informed me a vacancy, an urgent one! I was tempted to give myself a try. Why not, I thought. I didn't apply for the job and it came to me. I have been waiting for visa for almost two months, three months plus the documents preparation yet still didn't get it. I was worried a lot since the Embassy requested another documents after San had faxed the Alien Card which they requested before. It seemed tiring, I believe it's not only for me but also for San.

So, I went for interview and told the interviewer frankly my situation. Shortly, he wanted to wait for me. If I didn't get my visa, then we would continue to discuss about the job.

But, the afternoon news changed it all! I got my visa!

Thanks God for the visa. Thanks to San who never gives up. And thanks for everyone who took part in helping San preparing all documents for visa. It was a miracle. Promise that San will write the story behind the application, indeed it's a miracle!

I will leave Indonesia in 3 weeks time!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chicken Lemonade (sour...!!!)

Hehe...My mom saw me doing nothing yesterday and suggested me to cook since she had chicken on the fridge. I rarely cook after San went to Korea. Usually, I will wake up early every morning and prepare breakfast for us before going to the office. At night, I would cook again for dinner and he would happily help me to cut vegetables, fry meats and wash cooking utensils.

So, today I was flipping cooking recipes and found some good recipes to do with the chicken; unfortunately the ingredients were incomplete. Then I saw the Chicken Lemonade photo on the book. It looks nice and yummy! So why not I tried to cook this one since it is so easy to make.

My 'mbak' (mom's assistant) helped me to cook. She never tried to make this food and I needed to read the recipe to her. So it was our first Chicken Lemonade.

The taste is sour...! Haha, but it's nice to me. Since Mbak thought that the sauce's too sour, I chose not to pour the sauce on top of the roasted chicken. You can dip the chicken to the sauce if you want.

Well, not really bad for a junior cook. Will try again next time!

*I can't upload the picture right now...will do it later*

Monday, March 9, 2009

I miss you!

It's been more than two weeks and I'm still here, still missing him. He told me that many people feel surprise when they know that we just married for six months and have to be separated by distance. Theories say that a new couple shall be together since they need to build a strong relationship and communication. It is definitely true!

This two weeks were not as smooth as what we expected. We've realized it before his departure that tears, smiles and loneliness will come and go. Since I'm alone, I learn to give my burden to Jesus as He would hear what I pray and say. But...I'm still missing him, ...deeply.

I miss you.