Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Resep Masakan Korea - 삼계탕 (Samgyetang/Ayam Ginseng)

I found 2010 Calendar and wanted to throw it out because I didn't need it anymore but my eyes caught the Korean Food recipe written in Indonesian. I thought that it would be great to write it down here not only for me to learn how to make it someday but also could be useful for everyone craving for the savoury of Korean Food.

The recipe will be written in Indonesia, though. Anyway, you can always use Google Translate button provided in my blog page to translate it to your language.

Musim panas, orang-orang Korea suka sekali makan Samgyetang, terutama di tiga hari terpanas (Sambok) selama musim panas (dibagi menjadi 3: chobok, jungbok, dan malbok). Samgyetang ini kaya akan nutrisi dan sangat berguna untuk kesehatan dan kebugaran tubuh. Rasanya....yummy yummy yummy!

Samgyetang ini bahan utamanya adalah ayam. Hampir mirip dengan ayam tim (ayam kuah), tapi bumbunya yang berbeda plus ada nasi ketan yang dimasukkan ke dalam ayam. Rasa ginsengnya juga terasa sekali. Bahkan minuman pendampingnya pun wine dari ginseng.

San sejak kecil paling tidak suka makanan dari ayam, terutama ayam yang tidak digoreng. Sebut deh...ayam kukus, ayam kuah, ayam tim dll...Ayam goreng sih masih bisa makan, tapi bukan favorit.

Ban Samgyetang di kantin kampus, harganya terjangkau, cuma 3000won,
tapi cuma separuh porsi dari ukuran normal, dan rasanya kurang kaya (tanpa ginseng).

Sebelum makan samgyetang, aku sudah jelaskan ke dia, ini makanan yang bagaimana. Dari awal sudah ilfil duluan deh...Tapi karena waktu itu aku kepingin banget, terpaksa deh dia ngikut hehehe...Porsinya cukup besar lho. Karena ini satu porsi ayam utuh untuk satu orang. Jadi harganya juga agak mahal dari makanan biasanya. 1 porsi samgyetang bisa berkisar antara 9000-15000 won.

Dan ternyata saudara-saudara...ini yang San bilang "Mau aku makan samgyetang lagi. Makanan ini sehat banget rasanya...enak..."

Samgyetang, waktu dinner the 5th WSK Camp di Suweon.
Makan tanpa nasi, karena porsinya cukup besar. Harga 15000 won.

Hohoho...ayuk...kapan makan samgyetang lagi...mau summer atau winter, makan samgyetang tetap menyenangkan....^^

삼계탕 (Samgyetang/Ayam Rebus)
1 ekor ayam
0.5 gelas beras
Bahan-bahan campuran:
4 siung kurma
3 siung bawang putih
1 buah ginseng
3 siung bam/walnut

Cara membuatnya:
  1. 1 ekor ayam belah bagian dada dan buanglah seluruh isinya kemudian cuci bersih sampai tidak ada darah yang tersisa kemudian tiriskan.
  2. Lalu siapkan beras.
  3. Cucilah ginseng, lalu kupas bersih bam/walnut, begitu juga cuci dengan bersih kurma.
  4. Ayam yang telah dibelah, masukkan di dalamnya beras, ginseng, bam, bawang putih, kurma, kemudian tutuplah dengan tusukan kayu agar tidak terbuka.
  5. Letakkan ayam yang telah diisi, di dalam panci masak, lalu rebus hingga mendidih, setelah mendidih kurangi besarnya api dan terus rebus hingga lama sampai air kuah menjadi berwarna putih.
  6. Setelah matang bukalah tusukan atau benang yang digunakan sebagai penutup dan letakkan dalam mangkok kemudian beri sedikit garam dan merica, lalu hidangkan.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer Trip (4) - Oedo Botania

NIIED KGSP 2010, Silla University - Summer Trip (4)

Last destination of my summer trip was Oedo Botania. Yuhuuuuuuuuuu! From the picture above, you will agree with me if I say that it is wonderful!

See previous post if you haven't read it.

I would say that Oedo Botania is a perfect blend of nature, ocean, sky, plants...It is just perfect!

Oedo Botania is a marine botanical garden which is 4kms from Geoje-do. So after touring around Haegeumgang (read the previous post), the boat moored in Oedo island. The entrance fee is 8,000 won.

The type of its landscape is toward European garden. I would say that spring is the best time to visit Oedo island, because you will be able to see the island covered by flowers. Summer is not the best because of the weather is super hot!

On 1969, Lee Chang Ho came to this island to escape from the wind and waves when he was fishing. He found that the island was so beautiful and wanted to live there. So, he and his wife bought the island and dedicated their life to create the wonderful landscape for more than 30 years. 

The house is the place where the couple live. However, the husband has passed away few years ago. The wife built a memorial statue in the garden for the remembrance of her husband.

Since the garden is famous with its beauty, it was used as a scene location for a KBS drama "겨울 연가" (Winter Sonata). It is a very popular drama, not only in Korea or my country but I think all around the world.

When you are at the garden, you can feel the gardeners' passion in creating, cultivate or designing the garden. You can see many types of plants, you will be surprise! Also, I think the gardeners really worked in details, from the pathway, bench, fence, sculpture, named it.

In an area where the small chapel is, there are some small boards on the garden telling us the gardeners' heart. One of them is "Gardening is my life".

PS: This is the end of Summer Trip posting series ^^ Thank you for reading.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

생일 축하 해요

Have a blessed birthday Hon Ayank.

I just want to say that "I love you so much".
I want to always love you by God's gracious love.
Because of His love, we can live in His miraculous world.

I Corinthians 13:4-8, 13

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

God bless you hon.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cambridge Series - The City

Hello again...

Today I want to share some pictures of Cambridge.
It was a beautiful city. When I was there (July 17-27, 2011), I imagined that I had been living in a dream. Because if you see the sceneries, those look like paintings in a gallery.
You can enlarge every picture below by clicking on each of it.

Pictures above shows some buildings and houses around the city. Most of those buildings is very old. I am impressed to how they maintain their properties.

There were some buildings which built in the corner of streets. You also can see how colorful they painted their houses related to their neighbours'.

It shows some signposts of a park/garden, and a park called 'Jesus Green'. Was that beautiful?
You can also see a typical map around in Cambridge city. It shows some public facilities, some important buildings, and the way you get there.

First two pictures shows the signpost of parking lot spaces and pedestrians signals. The first shows how many parking lots were still available, and the second directs pedestrians when they can get across the street.

The latter twos were showing old and new model of parking lots' meters. People who want to park their vehicles on a particular road should put some money on it. It costs 20 pence (350 won/2,800 rupiahs) for each 15 minutes, and can only park for maximum of two hours.

This picture shows some public facilities.
Can you see interested design of a bus stop? Perhaps the designer thought that it will be more convenience for passengers to wait behind the glass. It will probably protect them from splashing water from vehicles, dusts, and other debris. Great idea!

Cambridge maintains her public phone box as well. Most of them had been working good. It costs 60 pence (1,050 won/8,400 rupiahs) for one hour to any landline (non-mobile) phones around the country, but can call mobiles for about three minutes for the same amount.

Bottom left picture shows two trash cans. One was for recyclable things, and another was for non-recyclables.

Bottom right was a picture of a letter box in Cambridge. One of my friend told me that it looked like a letter box in Mr. Bean's show. Yes, it was!
The last collection time was written on it: Mon-Fri 6.15 pm, and Sat 12.45 pm.

You can see here another signpost which shows the directions and some pictures of roads and streets. We should assume that a road tend to be bigger or wider than a street.

Because Cambridge was not a very big city, it was hard to find high rise buildings there, instead you can still find a lot of narrow streets or pathways (In bahasa, we called it a 'gang')

Two pictures above show Sir Isaac Newton's public house where became a pub since at least 1886 and a picture of an apple.

Sir Isaac Newton entered Cambridge University in 1661 and became a fellow of Trinity College in 1667.

Can you see the apple there which was not bitten yet? It just compares to an apple inc.'s logo which was bitten already.

It shows some transportation modes in Cambridge. You can still see a lot of people was cycling around the city of Cambridge. Don't be surprised if they will put their bicycles on any possible places or stands including the church' s fences (bottom right).

Cambridge has "park&ride" city busses, busses, busway, transport for schools, and "Hop-on Hop-off" tour busses (especially for tourists).

Hop-on Hop-off tour busses will go around the city for approximately 80 minutes with price guide as follows:
* Adult 13 pounds (23,000 won/182,000 rupiahs)
* Child (5-15 years) 7 pounds (12,300 won/98,000 rupiahs)
* Senior/Student 9 pounds (15,900 won/126,000 rupiahs)
* Family (2+3) 32 pounds (56,500 won/448,000 rupiahs)

I found a new dan interested thing in Cambridge which never saw it before. It was called a rising bollard. It was automatically down when there was a known vehicle want to go by, and it was automatically up when the vehicle pass through it. Why I said a known vehicle, because I was waiting long time enough to see another vehicle which cannot pass through it, because the bollard was not going down even the vehicle passed the camera line and very near to the bollard :)

It shows pictures of people from around the world who came to Cambridge for various activities which most of those are for vacation.

Up left shows a musical group performed their songs and people might donate some pence or buy their cds. I believe that they sang latin/spanish songs.

Bottom right shows a Sainsbury's supermarket auto-cashier. I tried twice, but feel awkward, because I was not used to it and didn't know how to do it.

By the way, I think we still need another people to do it for us, even nowadays all items/goods was barcoded already and we can check out by ourselves. I am afraid that in long term practices, people may not have any kind of relationships with other people in any kind of business, and people may lost their occupations because machines replace their positions. In short, I think that we as human being still need to relate to other people not just a machine. What do you think?

This is called Round Church. Nowadays, it is no longer a working church, but a museum of Christian heritage. It was built in 1130 AD by the fraternity of the Holy Sepulchre. It is one of only 4 round churches in England. They were all built after the first Crusade and the shape is probably influenced by that of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

This building was called Britannia Building Society. This building society serves as a bank and related financial services, especially mortgage lending. Nowadays, the building society must compete with banks for most consumer banking services. These institutions are found in the UK and several other countries.

What do you think about the city of Cambridge?
Please wait for my report about "The River" next week. See you.
Thank you for reading.


The 5th WSK Suwon Camp on News

The 5th WSK Suwon Camp was on the online news, Joongan Ilbo on August 22,2011.
News & video is in Korean ^^

The 5th WSK members after Korean dyeing class on the 1st day camp.
I didn't join it because I came late for the program :((
The news can be read here, there is a video that you can see, too:

The programs of the 2-day 1-night camp are:
  • Experiencing Korean Traditional Archery
  • Riding Hwaseong Trolley
  • Experiencing Korean Dyeing
  • Attending Korean Traditional Etiquette Lesson
  • Making Kimchi
  • Visit Suwon Hwaseong (Haenggung Palace)
  • View Suwen Hwaseong Fortress Theater Festival
  • Visiting Yeungneung - Geunleung Royal Tombs
  • Visiting Yongjoosa Temple
  • Visit to Mural Village & Art Street
  • Visit to Haewoojae (Toilet Museum)

My trip started from the Kimchi Factory till the Toilet Museum, which I will tell you one by one.
Now have a very happy weekend! Spend the beautiful day with your loved ones!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer Trip (3) - Haegeumgang & Oedo

NIIED KGSP 2010, Silla University - Summer Trip (3)

The next destination after Tongyeong (read the previous post here) was Haegeumgang (해금강) and Oedo (외도). I will write about Oedo on the next posting.

We stopped at the small harbour waiting for the departure time of our cruise tour
that would bring us to see Haegeumgang and also to Oedo (Oedo is a small island).

The Haegeumgang is the National Scenic Site No.2 in Korea.
According to the brochure that I had, this is the explanation of Haegeumgang:
"The original name of the island with high ecological conservation value is 'Galdo'. It was appointed to be National Scenic #2 in 1971 since its natural scene is eminent and was registered to be 'Geoje Haegeumgang'. Its shape washed by wave and wind for hundreds of millions of years produces various features....."

This were some pictures of the Haegeumgang and some Rocks surrounding the Haegeumgang.
The one on the right-below is the Saja Rock (Lion Rock).
The feature of sun rising between Saja Rocks is fantastic.

See ya on the next and last part of my summer trip!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Trip (2) - Hallyeo Waterway Observation - Cable Car, Tongyeong

NIIED KGSP 2010, Silla University - Summer Trip (2)

After passing the Geoga Bridge (read the 1st posting), our first destination was   (통영, 한려수도 케이블카).

The cable car is the longest cable car installed in Korea. From the lower cable car station to the the upper station, it only took about 10 minutes. Each gondola capacity is for 8 people.

From the upper station you can see the breathtaking scenery! It was awesome. You can see many small islands, the harbour, the temple amidst of forest...It was called Napoli of Asia. My camera could not capture the beauty, but my eyes could do it!

Left: The Bottom Station; Right: The Gondola

This is the other side of view, where you can see housing down there.

The environment-friendly deck installed to the top of mountain
for climbers to reach the upper view deck.

At the view deck. Jakarta was written there!

This is the 2nd post. Wait for the next one!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Trip (1) - Geoje Island/거제도

NIIED KGSP 2010, Silla University - Summer Trip (1)

The KGSP 2010 students at Silla University got this special chance to visit Geoje-do (Geoje Island/거제도) on July 2011. The trip is a one day trip. Thanks to the nice weather! It was raining a lot the week before the day.

Geoje-do is the 2nd largest islands in Korea and is famous of its beautiful scenery. To get there from Busan, we took a bus and pass the Geoga bridge to Geoje-do.

The bridge is a massive combined of tunnels (sunken tube tunnels) and bridges (cable-stayed bridges) for about 8.2km. It was open for public last year. It reduces the travel time between Busan and Geoje to 40 mins by car from the previous 2 hrs 10 mins.

See more detail about the bridge here.

On our trip, first we stopped at the resting point/area in Jangpyeong-ri , named Gadeok Ocean Park (가덕 해양 파크), to see the beginning of the tunnel & bridge to Geoje-do.

Above: The building in Jangpyeong-ri resting point.
There you can find viewing deck, small garden, convenient shops,
restaurant and toilet.
Below: It is the start of the 8.2 km Geoga Bridge.

Above: The parking area in Jangpyeong-ri resting point.
Below: The area above the start of the Geoga Bridge's tunnel.

Left: The viewing deck close to the start of the tunnel.
Right: The cafetaria inside the Main Building.

Something that was interesting on the view deck is this red post box!
It is written:
"Please tell your loved one about your precious memory"
The letter will be sent one year after.

Can you see the bridge on the picture? Sorry for the low photo quality.
The cable-stayed bridges are two parts.
The one on the picture is the first part from Gadeok-do.

I guess this was my best shot on that day.
Our lovely Korean Teacher took a picture of us.

This is the first posting of my summer trip. So stay tuned for the next story!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Korea Nation Branding Convention 2011 (2011 대한민국 국가브랜드 컨벤션)

If you live in Korea, especially in Seoul, come and visit the Korea Nation Branding Convention 2011 in COEX A Hall, Samsung-dong from August 25 to 28, 2011.

The Convention is opened to public from 10 AM to 6 PM.
(Especially for August 25, it will be opened from 1PM )

It is held by the Presidential Council on Nation Branding. You can find variety of exhibitions, performances and events about Korea, the people, society, culture and business.

The theme for the convention is "Hallyu, into the Future with the World!" (한료 세계와 함께 미래로!)

'Hallyu' is also called "Korean Wave' which means the spread of South Korean culture around the world. The term 'Hallyu' or 'Korean Wave' was created after the great growing of South Korean popularity through entertainment (music, drama, movie, etc) and culture in 1999. Since then, many South Korean actors, actresses, singers gain high popularity not only in Asia but around the world.

If you want to know more about South Korea, come and visit the convention.
If I live in Seoul, I am sure I will go there.
If you go there, please tell me how it was. ^^

Monday, August 22, 2011

WSK - Hanji Mirror

The material and step by step of the making.

Last week when I attended the Orientation of The 5th World Students in Korea in Seoul, we were taught of how to make Hanji Mirror.

The activity is part of Traditional Cultural Experiences provided by Korea House. If you want to learn more about Korea's art and craft and the making, you can make a visit to Korea House and choose what you want to learn.

My Hanji Mirror is almost done.

Our teachers had prepared the material for us so we can start with the making of the Hanji Mirror.

Hanji is a traditional paper from Korea. It is made from the bark of mulberry trees. Hanji is an everyday necessity for Korean people life. People use it for many things from book to doll, or window to door screen paper.

With other WSK members.
The characteristic of Hanji paper is it is very durable! It's soft and light. I was afraid that I would tear the paper when I put the glue on it. But magically, even though the paper was wet because of the glue, it wan't easy to be torn off. Even I can easily fold the paper to follow the mirror curve edge.

Not only happy making the mirror, but I also met new friends.
Beautiful day!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

About the 5th WSK (World Students in Korea)

World Students in Korea started the 5th batch on August 12, 2011. Following that event, a 2 night-1 day program was prepared for the participants. This 5th WSK Camp was hosted by Suwon city.

I was there, too, but I came late and missed the whole day tour because I wanted to attend San's graduation on the same day. Luckily, I still can join the night tour and the next day tour.

A WSK friend from Malaysia, Alimien, found these articles about WSK published on the website. Thanks for his information.

The 1st one is about the Orientation on August 12.
The news is in Korean, though. But you can try translate it into your language.

브랜드위, 글로벌메신저 5기 선발
국가브랜드위원회 해외블로거 4기 시상 및 5기 오리엔테이션 개최

 The 2nd one is about the WSK camp in Suweon, telling about the camp program for the 5th batch member.
I will write some posts about the tour later.
외국인 블로거와 함께하는 '수원화성 1박2일'

What I love from the camp is that I could meet the other members, make friends with them and having lots of experience and knowledge by visiting many places in Suweon. The 5th WSK members are very nice, too! I can't wait to see them again.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cambridge Series - The Journey

Before I write about my journey to England, I will announce winners of the quiz last week. Do you remember the questions? See here.

The right answers are:
* I took a picture with the statue of young Charles Robert Darwin.
* The statue is at Christ's College, Cambridge University.
Thank you for all participants.

There are four people who answered it. Thanks to Maudy, Lisa, RAB and Dina. ^^

Three people answered it correctly, but RAB only answered one of the two questions.
So, we decided to give presents to all three and a runner-up present to RAB.
All participants, please send your addresses to Dita's email:

Now, through this post, I want to share some pictures and stories of my journey. It consists of my journey from Busan, to Seoul, to Helsinki, to London, and then arriving in Cambridge. It took 28 hours in total.

When we arrived at Gimhae Airport in Busan, we shocked because there was an announcement that my flight to Seoul would be postponed. I asked the officer why and when I would know their final decision. They answered that it was because bad weather both in Busan and Seoul. We prayed to God a lot, because I had a connecting flight to Helsinki at 10.30 from Seoul.

Then I tried to find another flight such as Korean Air (at first, I chose Asiana Airlines). On the Korean Air counter, the officer said that there were no seats available. Oh, no. He continued that I still can buy a waiting list seat. Just a second before I paid the ticket, Dita called and told me that Asiana decided to go. Thanks God. He aswered our prayers in His time.

Before I went on my journey to Cambridge, I posted a facebook status mentioning that I am a countryman (wong ndeso) who are going to meet Mr. Bean through the Nokia store. Do you know what I mean?

Yes, I always feel that I am nothing. I came from a small town, Pasuruan, East Java-Indonesia, and I had a great privillege from God to go to England (A country where Mr. Bean lives) through Helsinki-Finlandia (A country where Nokia comes from).

I was very excited. That is why I took many pictures which (maybe) for some people are unimportant. I took pictures of airplane navigation which informed passengers regularly about the latest condition of the plane and the journey itself. I also took pictures of the interior, and a remote control which controls each monitors in front of each passenger for watching video, playing games, for lights, etc.

Even, power outlet on board was a new thing for me. I never saw it inside airplanes :)
By the way, views up there was very beautiful.

After nine and half hours, I arrived at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (not Fanta). It was a nice, clean, and comfortable place. There are a lot of flights arriving and going from Helsinki Airport. It was intended to be a transitting airport, especially from Europe to Asia and vice versa.

After waiting for almost seven hours at Helsinki Airport (Thanks God there was a free wireless internet connection), I continued the journey to London. It took only three hours from Helsinki to London by British Airways.

I got prawn and mayonnaise sub roll for dinner. It was very delicious, yummy.

Can you believe that I took those pictures at night? It was around ten o'clock at Helsinki, and arriving at eleven o'clock in Heathrow Airport, London.

The last journey was from London to Cambridge. I waited the coach for two hours before departed. Coach? Don't be misunderstood! British people differ coach from bus.

A bus stops frequently to pick up passengers along a short to moderately long route. Otherwise, a coach stops infrequently to pick up passengers along a moderately long to very long route.

So, the designs of bus and coach correspond to their functions: thus coaches often have toilets, DVD players, air conditioning, and some cases wireless internet access. At that time, I could watch a football match between Argentine and Uruguay by wireless internet access for free.

It took two hours and fifteen minutes to arrive at Cambridge. I arrived at 3:15 in the morning.

I was impressed by the cleanliness of the toilet in Central Bus Station of Heathrow Airport, London. In contrast, I still can remember how dirty and nasty most of toilets in Bungurasih/Purabaya Bus Station in Surabaya, where I usually use it before going home to my hometown, Pasuruan.

On the right side photo, the bus (I mean the coach) which I took arrived at Cambridge station.
It was very cold in the summer time. When I read from internet, it was the coldest summer in Cambridge. It was around eleven degree Celcius.

That's all the stories of my journey arriving at Cambridge.
Please wait for my next post about the city of Cambridge.

San's graduation pictures

San posted his graduation pictures here.
Take a look and enjoy!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Kisah Lucu bersama JoSH - Efek Belajar Berbagi

Juni 2011

Masih ingat tentang cerita JoSH belajar berbagi? Mungkin ada yang belum pernah baca sebelumnya. Kisahnya bisa dibaca disini.

JoSH sepertinya sudah menangkap konsep berbagi. Yang menarik, setelah belajar berbagi snack bayi itu, semua-semua jadi dibagi deh.

Yang dibagi berikutnya adalah makanannya, entah makanan pagi, siang atau malam. Joshua ambil sendok yang sedang dipegang Mama untuk suapin dia, lalu sendoknya disuapkan ke Mama. ^^
*buburnya buat Joshua aja ya...*

Lalu, ketika main organ dan memegang mic-nya, mic-nya disodorin juga ke Mama. Setelah Mama nyanyi, ditarik lagi buat Josh teriak.
*oh...mau nyanyi bareng Mama ya...*

Berikutnya lagi, Joshua sedang minum susu dari botolnya. Tiba-tiba botol yang sedang dipegangin Mama, diraih dan dot botolnya diarahkan ke mulut Mama.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yeay! This is the day!

We had been waiting for this day!

San's graduation day.

San was not be able to concentrate on his thesis since the coming of Joshua Songmin on September last year. He had to split his concentration and energy for helping me, taking care of the newborn baby and his own thesis.

He hoped that he could finished it on November, but it was just impossible at that time, when at the same time I had to study hard for getting TOPIK level 3 (in order to be free from the compulsory additional TOPIK classes after lunch, so that I could have more time with the baby on the next semester).

God granted us our prayers.

I passed TOPIK level 3 on January 2011 which meant that I didn't need to attend the additional TOPIK classes. I could go home and take care of Joshua. And San had more time working for his thesis.

He had worked carefully and passionly for the thesis. I am glad that he could pass the thesis defense as well. Read the post here.

Glory to God in the highest!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Merdeka! - Indonesia Independence Day

Today is Indonesia Independence Day!

I was hoping that Google's logo today is Indonesian flag, just what they did to South Korea's flag on its independence day. But seemed that Google prefers to make a special one to celebrate the birth of Pierre de Fermat, a French mathematician. :(

However, our happiness on celebrating Indonesia independence doesn't rely on Google, right?

Since we leave far away from our homecountry, there's no special celebration as those celebrations back in Indonesia. Thus, the feeling is different, too.

Anyway, besides the independence day, today is our 3rd anniversary. San made a poem to me and posted it yesterday instead of today. It was a sweet one, wasn't it? ^^

So we wore batik clothes today, just as a simple celebration to both events.

Joshua wore 'blangkon' (Javanese traditional hat), a gift from grandfather. My dad said that it was difficult to find a blangkon for baby. Unfortunately, it is already a bit too small for him.

San's blangkon is a special one, too. My Dad's friend gave it to him as a gift! It's a Jogja style blangkon.

We would like to say happy independence day to our beloved country, Indonesia!
Also thanks for everyone who congratulated us on our anniversary. Thank you for your warm wishes, prayers and love for our family.

with love,
San, Dita, JoSH.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

3rd Wedding Anniversary

Pic taken by Sam at Yongdusan Park, June 2011

S udah tiga tahun lamanya kita menikah
A ku tak tahu berapa waktu hidup yang Tuhan sediakan ‘tuk kita
N amun kita percaya ada damai bersama-Nya
D ialah pemilik hidup dan pernikahan kita
I man dan harapan akan janji setia-Nya
T aat Firman dan jadikan Dia kepala rumah tangga
A ku mau terus mencintaimu seperti Cinta-Nya

In His’ grace
San for Dita