Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welcome to Kosin University

I arrived at Kosin University, Busan-Korea for the first time on February, 19th, 2009. It was a long journey to get there. It needed almost 24 hours from Surabaya to the gate of the university. First I met the security staffs asking the location of International Office (IO). They requested me to wait a moment, as the IO staff will see me as soon as possible in the security's room. It was drizzle when I came to Kosin University. Ten minutes later, a young lady named Sunny met me and asked me to follow her to the IO.

I went to the IO and met Mr. Kim Sung Joon. Finally, I met the person who was the one in charge for my departure to Korea. He and I continually contacted each other to update my visa's status before I came to Korea. He helped me a lot by giving advices on how to prepare and get my visa.

I was amazed when I realized that there is a warmer in the room (in Indonesia usually we need cooler Air Conditioner, because the weather is very hot), that is why I feel so comfortable there. We were discussing about several things about how to get to Kosin and why I only got 3 months permission for visa.

Then he said, "Welcome to Kosin University"and gave me a map and a book of Busan, also a map of Kosin University. After we talked to each other, He asked me to continue my journey to go to the dormitory area. He helped me bringing my luggage (quite big...hehe). We were walking (or climbing ...) up to the high place of dormitory. It was really hard to get there. I have almost exhausted when I brought a big luggage up there. Sometimes we stopped for a while to take a fresh air. Fiuhhhh, finally we arrived in the dormitory.

My room number is 417-a. The room is occupied for 4 person, and I was the first student who attended to that room. It is a cozy place for students to study. The dormitory is also equipped with many facilities such as vending machine, hot water for shower, warmer room, automatic electronic door locked us a password, laundry machine, fitness centre, etc.

I hope I will enjoy all of this, and the most important thing is I will understand more about God's will and will do my best for studying here.

Post published note:
Since many friends seem wanted to know about Kosin University, please check out this link here if you have any further question. God bless you!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Yesterday, 23 February 2009, I went to Dongbaek Island with my friends. Dongbaek Island is near by Haeundae Beach, the famous beach in Republic of Korea. Those island and beach are usually visited by tourist in summer. But when we went there, a lot of people were also interesting to.

Nurimaru is pure Korean language. Nuri (World) and Maru (Peak or top) symbolize the Conference hall of APEC, and means "the place where the leaders of APEC countries meet to discuss issues". Asia Pasific Economic Cooperation (APEC) has 21 members : (sort by alphabet) Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, China-People's Republic of, Hong Kong-China, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Taipei-Chinese, Thailand, United States, and Vietnam.

APEC, is the premier forum for facilitating economic growth, cooperation, trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region. APEC was established in 1989 to further enhance economic growth and prosperity for the region and to strengthen the Asia-Pacific community.

It's a wonderful experience to me to visit a place where our leader (President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono) has already been there before. APEC meeting was held at this place in 2005. It's a great place where a history has been made in. I saw pictures and watched videos to memorize the meeting. I also went to the meeting room of the leaders.

There were also the place for leaders taking pictures together.
Thanks to Mery (Bernardo's wife) for taking a lot of picture of us. :-)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Last Tears

When I write this post, I believe that my dear grandmother is in heaven. She is smiling as there is no tears anymore over there with the Savior.

I spent my first 17-year in my life close to her. We live in the same town where she was born, and so was my mom. My mom had a bookshop in front of her house where I spent my time after school before we went home for lunch and afternoon break. Sometimes in the evening, I would like to go with my mom again to the bookshop and that's meant I'd visit my grandmother again.

School holidays were always perfect for me if I can stay for days at her house, tasting her delicious food, enjoying the air-conditioner in our bedrooms and *the most exciting thing* watching TV or films (mostly Chinese serial film such as Princess Huang Zhu). We usually cried together when it came to sad scenes. Everyone who found out that we're crying would say that we're so silly and funny!

My precious moment with her was when she specially came to my engagement party on 25 December 2007. I was realized that she was weak and probably wasn't able to join the party. What a surprise to see her finally made it! She joined the crowd, smiled and sang together. To see her joy and laugh was my unforgettable happiness.

Her physical condition turned bad near to my wedding day. She couldn't come to all of the events on my big day. Fortunately, she was still able to speak clearly to me when we visited her after the day. She gave advised to us as a new family. What a blessing!

She is a living testimony for all her daughters, sons and grandchildren. I often found her sitting on the desk and reading the bible. She always wrote down verses that she got from sermons and repeat reading them again at home. She is the one who I always found praying in the morning, night and before having her meals.

My mom said that she saw tears felt down from grandma's eyes before her very last breath. I believe that was the last tears. Tears of happiness as she would see Jesus and tears of sadness as she remembered the ones she loved that haven't believe in Jesus yet. Now, she is with Jesus in heaven where we will meet again someday. I can see her smiling as Jesus has wiped over her tears.

"And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying; and there shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away."
Revelation 21:4

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hi Korea

Finally, I arrived in Incheon International Airport, Korea at 08.30 (GMT +9)
It is very nice trip from Denpasar, Bali.
It took six hours and thirty six minutes up there.
I amazed with the monitor devices in the cabin (I'm from kampoong, you know).
It told us many information like how much is the altitude; what time is it now and the time we must arrive in; how much is the remaining time, the temperature outside the plane, the speed of the plane, and also the remaining distance. There was also the map of Asia to indicate where we were at the moment of time.

I amazed because I was in the huge plane (2-4-2 person in a row, from the total around 40 rows), the altitude was around 11 km high, the temperature outside around minus 50 degree Celsius, and maximum speed of the plane was around 900 km/hour.
I amazed not only because people, human being can make this happen, but also because of God who can create a wonderful human being, God who can create the universe. How great thou art.

Then I called Bernardo, my friend from Indonesia who has been already in Busan to ask him the way to get there. He was very nice to help me to know more about Korea, the culture and the transportation (including the time). He has already explained a lot before my departure to Korea. Until now He has been taking Doctorate Program in Pusan National University, Busan.

I continued my journey to Seoul Station by bus. I only waited not more than 10 minutes after purchasing the ticket. I was thinking that I can enter the exit door at that time like Tom Hanks on "THE TERMINAL" movie. I enjoyed the trip and saw many tall buildings around. It was a pleasure to see how Korea became a great country.

After arrived in Seoul Station, I checked the next schedule for KTX (Korean Train eXpress). I chose this trip because it was the fastest way to go to Busan. The Seoul-Busan trip is only 2 hours and 45 minutes. After I bought the ticket, I went to the train, and waited for 20 minutes for departure. I was sleeping in the KTX, almost all the time. I was thinking that this is almost the last part of my journey. I was extremely tired.

Finally, I came to Busan Station, and continued the last trip by taxi. My campus was in a small island named Yeongdo-gu, located at the south of Busan city. It was in mountains area and very cold here (-2C at night and 7C at noon). The total time I spent from Surabaya to Busan was completely 24 hours...Wow, It's a miracle.

Thanks God to make me here right now. I will see more of Your miracles here, in Busan.

My title is taken from useful link about Korea :

Friday, February 20, 2009

When I walk with God

Something is valued the most when you're far from it or you're lose it. It does happen to us recently since we are separated in a distance.

It was so usual when we're near to each other. We loved to talk, laugh, watching TV and cook together. It was nice to have him in the kitchen, asking me what he could help when I was busy preparing our meals. It was lovely to find surprises from him in the freezer (you can guess!). It was always meaningful when he lead our prayer time. Everything is so special!

Looking back what we have done together, I was greatly amazed!

Having him far away and the other way around for him is tough, especially in the first few days. The memories pop up and fill our minds of our togetherness. The tears were falling down, the hearts were hurt, but more than everything in our life, we have our Saviour.

More than our breath, oh Lord, we need you more than everything. You're our everything in our life. Walking with you is what we want to do, now and forever.

It reminds me to the song that we chose for our wedding holy matrimony. It was a beautiful song that I love. The lyrics gives me strength to walk in His plan. Read and feel how good is our God.
God bless you all.

I'll walk with God from this day on
His helping hand I'll lean upon
This is my prayer, my humble plea,
May the Lord be ever with me.

There is no death, though eyes grow dim
There is no fear when I'm near to Him
I'll lean on Him forever
And He'll forsake me never.

He will not fail me
As long as my faith is strong,
Whatever road I may walk along.

I'll walk with God, I'll take His hand.
I'll talk with God, He'll understand.
I'll pray to Him, each day to Him
And He'll hear the words that I say.
His hand will guide my throne and rod
And I'll never walk alone
While I walk with God.
(Lyrics by Paul Francis Webster)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Wonderful Six Months

Today San is leaving to Denpasar and waiting for the flight to Incheon-South Korea at midnight. Tomorrow afternoon he shall have been arrived in Busan, where he is going to spent two years of study.

It's hard to see him off at Juanda Airport, but since my Dad accompanied me, I pretended to be strong. If Dad didn't come to Surabaya to say goodbye to San, I wouldn't like to take him to airport by myself.

Yesterday was our 6th month wedding anniversary since we got married on 17 August 2008. It was great and beautiful time I have experienced in my life. If I can handle all the things by my power, I surely don't want to be far from him. But, we believe that God has the special plan for us. We might only able to guess and just walk faithfully, but He is the one who know the overall master plan.

My life wouldn't be the same with the last 6-month with him, but we trust the Lord that our relationship will be the same as before, even grow up stronger as we give our hope to the One who is our Creator.

Some people said that it will be hard for a fresh-new-couple to be separate far away. Yes, we realize that. Nevertheless, we thank God that we ever had a two-year long distance relationship before while I was studying and working in Singapore. Well, it is not really the same though, but we believe that it helps. Moreover, I must thank to my Dad-Mom, brothers and all friends that keep supporting me. It did make me feel that I am not alone.

Anyway, it is not a farewell; it is a journey of walking together with our Saviour.

The distance can be far... but our hearts will always be together.


Grace alone which God supplies,
Strength unknown He will provide,
Christ in us, our cornerstone,
We will go forth in grace alone.
(Scott Wesley Brown, Jeff Nelson)