Sunday, May 11, 2008

big hands

while we were walking together,
he holds my hand tenderly...

"bun my your hands are so big, bigger than my hands"

"hon, it was meant to protect you, to care of you and to hug you..."

*so sweet...*

Saturday, April 5, 2008

long list...

Let me make a list of what i have to write here:

  1. Phantom of the Opera @ Esplanade >> long tme ago though but it was extremely amazing!
  2. Study trip to Lasalle College
  3. Visit to URA & Changi Airport Terminal 3
  4. Holiday @ Singapore Botanical Garden with Papa & Yas
  5. Once in a lifetime visit to Istana
  6. 2 hours in Johor Bahru
  7. Hanging out @ Clarke Quay & Waraku Japanese Food
  8. Visit to National Museum of Singapore - Greek Exhibition from Louvre Paris >> must get the pics from Anthony as my camera's batteries were ran off.
  9. Visit to Asian Civilization Museum
  10. Watching Giselle in the Park
  11. I believe many more places will come in the list...let's see what will be happened!



just a quick update about last week:
saturday...went to a sacred music concert conducted by Rev. Billy Kristanto @ Jubilee Church
sunday....watched an extremely-beautiful-and-nice ballet performance-Giselle in the Park @ Fort Canning Park
thursday...went to KL for a meeting early in the morning and back on the same day *fiuh*

i would love to write some more about the ballet performace, since it was my very first time seeing a full performance, and it's in the park!

remind me if i forget to tell you 'bout it!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

balms from mustafa centre

Mama...I have bought many balms for you!

Here it is the list:
- 3 tiger balms~soft
- 2 tiger balms~hot
- 5 dragon balms
- dun-no-the-name balm (the lady promoted this to me as a hot balm made in Singapore, very expensive...$6...I can get 2 big size of tiger balms/dragon balms with that price!! anyway, I will let Mama to try!)

Thanks fo Roos & Anthony who accompanied me to Mustafa. Yay!

promise oh promise...

I remember that I did mention on updating news on this blog...hahaha...seems like it won't be appear in these few days...Don't hope to much, ok? I'm busy hanging around from place to place, some just for visiting; some just to please myself that 'I was there' and some are for the sake of being curious.

Hope that I can compile and write those visitation later...I am sure that I will have plenty of time later on June till August. I hope!

Happy Easter, bunny! ^^

Saturday, March 8, 2008

no topics

I am thinking for few minutes in front of my laptop, but I can't recall some of topics that I wanted to write them down here...

I will write later on... ^^

Sunday, March 2, 2008

enjoying weekend!

Yesterday is the first Saturday that I spent without being worry with Mandarin homework and lesson. I was enjoying myself at home, going out with Roos and Anthony, eating Waraku and Yakun Kaya Toast.

There are going to be 12 Saturdays left for me in Singapore. So far, I haven't finalized my visiting list for the remaining weekends. Some places that comes into my minds are all the museum, some shopping malls, government buildings, farms, NTU, makan places, bukit timah nature and concert hall at Esplanade; not forgetting also the Mustafa Centre, as my mum asked me to buy dragon balms for her.

I have been living in Singapore since end-July 2006. My friends said that I have been to a lot of tourism destinations since my first visit to Singapore on June 2005, but the fact is there are lots more interesting places that I haven't been there. Will try to make it. More reports will be coming here!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

more updates coming soon!!!

will try to start writing something from now on...

many things had happened,

many things is happening and,

many things will happen...

stay tune!