Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mama, let's pray!

Yesterday morning, JoSH woke up earlier than both of us. San and I talked pass midnight and felt into deep sleep.

JoSH woke me up and say, "Mama, 기도합시다." It means, Mama, let's pray.
My eyes were still hard to open but I realized this was a very sincere request of him. I could not stand continue to sleep.I woke up straight away, taking a position to pray.

He then looked at his father who was still sleeping and say, "Papa, 기도합시다."
San who just came back from Cheonan after attending a church revival event, was very tired but he answered, "Yes."

JoSH took a proper sitting position and praying hand. We started the day with pray.

My heart was touched by him on that day. It was not easy to build praying habit for him. Sometimes he refuses to pray. He just wants to keep playing or go straight to bed. Sometimes he wants to eat his food before praying. Also, I still remember when he was still a baby how he cried whenever we closed our eyes to pray. I thought he was afraid about us closing our eyes. I even created a praying song that we always sing before our meals, since he loves singing and easier to introduce him to pray through songs.

He learnt to say 'Amen' and till now he eagerly says 'Amen' every time he knows the pray is about to the end.

He didn't like if the Sunday School teacher hugged him and prayed for him. He would always try to escape from teacher's hug. But recently, he can stay calm till teacher finishes her pray.

Thank you JoSH for the meaningful morning. We hope that praying is not just about habit but it is truly said from your heart, whenever you thanks God or talks with Him. We pray that you will always love God with all your heart and mind. God loves you, my son. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

[Korea] Busan Familiarity Tour 2012

Thanks to Korea Brand Communicator (by Presidential Council of Nation Branding) and Busan Convention & Visitors Bureau for sponsoring the Busan Familiarity Tour which was on July 2-4, 2012. 

On the first day , we went to Nampodong. We visited the BIFF (Busan International Film Festival - changed to PIFF) in Nampodong, the new location for PIFF is the Busan Cinema Center in Centum City. Then we found the Patbingsu Alley, which is a unique place and lifestyle of Busan. 

We continued to Bosu-dong Book Alley, where I wanted to visit long time ago. The book alley has long history even before the Korean war. 

View of the Book Alley in Bosu-dong.

Next to the book alley, we could see mural painting on the way in the village.
Mural painting on one of the house in the village.

Mural painting on one of house wall and the scenery behind.
 Next destination on that day was Busan Tower. Even I have visited the tower many times, I always amazed with the scenery of Busan I could see from the tower. You can see mountain, building, bridge, sea...and get the image of Busan city.

Busan city from Busan Tower
Next on our list was Taejongdae and Yeongdo Deungdae Visit by boat. Many seagulls were following our boat while we were on the boat to Taejeongdae lighthouse. What an experience!

Jagalchi Market was also on the list and we went there for dinner. The market was very happening and people were friendly to us. One of the seller showed us how to cut and slice the fish. He even gave us bonus!

Fish seller at Jagalchi Market
The first day was perfectly done by experiencing Busan Night Tour. We went up to Hwangnyeonsan Mountain to see the breathtaking nigt scenery of Busan. I never know that place before and it was an awesome place to have a glance of Busan at Night. Another place for Busan Night tour was Haeundae Marine City. Haeundae beach looked geourgeous, didn't it?

Geourgeous Haeundae
On second day of tour we were guided to see Nurimaru, BEXCO (with its new auditorium and the new building), Busan Cinema Center, Shinsegae Department Store, Yacht Tour, UN Memorial Cemetery in Korea, and Haedongyeonggungsa Temple.

Busan Cinema Center is a place I like to visit again. The cinema was designed elegantly, as you can see in the picture below. I would love to try watching movie in the cinema.

One of the cinema in Busan Cinema Center

Ice skating ring in Shinsegae Department Store
Last day tour was done by having cultural experiences in Gijang Culture and Etiquette School (Hanbok experience and learning Samulnori), making makgeolli in Geumjeongsansong and meeting with Vice Major of Busan City.

My most unforgettable experience on the tour was the yacht tour. My first time to be on a yacht and touring to see the beautiful view of Haeundae and Gwangalli from the sea. We were served with snacks, fruits, bread, wine, and also BBQ! I did fishing, too.

The yacht experience program is offered to public and private charter program. It can be used or small-sized conventions such as meeting, presentation or even wedding proposal! Uh-hm...sound interesting? Come and enjoy it, only in Busan!

Me, enjoying yacht tour with Haeundae as the background ^^

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bahasa JoSH

Progress Joshua berbicara mulai meningkat akhir-akhir ini. Mama Papa jadi sering terkaget-kaget karena mendengar dia berbicara hal-hal yang baru, dan tertawa-tawa karena lucu, seru deh pokoknya...hehe.

Josh belajar bicara dengan tiga bahasa campur-campur, Korea, Inggris dan Indonesia. Jadi waktu bicara masih suka dicampur-campur juga seingat dia.

Beberapa yang Mama ingat mau ditulis disini nih buat kenang-kenangan. Gak semuanya sih, yang keinget aja, karena ngomongnya uda banyak banget.

* Mama, 누워
* Duduk, sit down, 앉아
* 앉으세요 sini...
* Bobo, sleep
* 자장 자장
* Car 이로 와, Truck 이로 와, Bus 이로 와
* Aduh aduh
* Syung-syung
* Thank you
* Bye-bye 아주마
* Sakit, jatuh
* Happy birthday to you
* Mandi, sikat gigi
* Eyes, nose, 입, ears
* Hand, 발
* Ball, bola, 공
* Bear, cat, dog, 코끼리

Seru deh...^^

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

[Korea] Yeosu Expo 2012 - Atlantic Ocean Joint Pavilion (West)

My second visit to joint pavilion is to Atlantic Ocean Joint Pavilion, the west pavilion. It has another one, the east pavilion. Each pavilion has 15 countries participated in the exhibition. 

The West pavilion consists of Tajikistan, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Commonwealth of Dominica, Armenia, Guyana, Suriname, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Paraguay, Guatemala and Colombia. That's a lot, right! I learnt about some new countries I haven't heard before.

I love how the pavilion was designed. Each country booth presented their country info and details. It exhibit tales of the Atlantic Ocean so clearly and lively. Each participating country's booth features their culture, too. You can see dolls, traditional costumes, art and crafts, accessories, and many more. 

One that I really like is the culture of Paraguay, which is a combination of culture of colonial Spanish and indigenous Guarani,  as shown in the fabric of embroidered lace Nanduti. It usually has geometrical patterns and shows the high skill of craftsmanship. 

Big size of Nanduti is exhibited on the ceiling. When the guide asked us to look up, all of us were amazed!

Nicaragua coffee and volcano stone from Commonwealth of Dominica
The culture shops in this pavilion are located in the area just before the exit of the pavilion. They offer awesome stuffs such as scarf, bag, accessories, hat or even musical instruments. Check it out. 

 The lady on the picture was making earrings from colorful stones. I couldn't stand looking at those gorgeous color of stones in the form of accessories...:) They are pretty.

Joint pavilion was a very happening place to visit. Make sure you see it on your visit to Expo!

PS. Don't forget to stamp your Expo Passport. Commonwealth of Dominica stamp is cute with the whale and palm trees, while Suriname stamp is cute with the tortoise. But I love Panama stamp the most!

Monday, June 25, 2012

[Korea] Yeosu Expo 2012 - Indian Ocean Joint Pavilion

There are lots of international pavilions to visit at the Expo 2012. I just walked where my feet lead me to find any pavilion to visit. Certain countries had long queue on the entrance door. It might be because of many people wanted to see certain attractions offered in the pavilions, or because the countries are big and famous ones, or because of the exhibition systems in the pavilions divided into rooms with limited number of visitors in each time. 

I then quickly decided to visit the joint-pavilion after visiting some individual country's pavilions. There are four joint-pavilions in the Expo:
1. Atlantic Ocean Joint Pavilion - West
2. Atlantic Ocean Joint Pavilion - East
3. Indian Ocean Joint Pavilion
4. Pacific Ocean Joint Pavilion

My first visit is to Indian Ocean Joint Pavilion. As you can see on the picture above, it consists of Nepal, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Yemen, Uganda, Sudan, Eritrea, Maldives, Kenya and Seychelles.
Any country name that is new for you?

The Indian Ocean Joint Pavilion

The Culture Shops in the Pavilion
 I found that even though the pavilion consists of many countries and their exhibition booths are not that big as the individual country pavilion, the atmosphere in the pavilion is so vivid and enthusiastic. Besides the main theme of the exhibition, you can easily find culture shops in almost every booth, selling their traditional art and crafts to visitors.


I found a long line of kids waiting for having heena hand-painting cost about 2,000 won. They looked so proud of their hand-painted.

Visitor was trying a bracelet [left] and two men were sitting on traditional chairs [right]

Stamp Corner
Oh, before I forget, the most interesting thing in this pavilion was the countries stamps for my Expo Passport. Since it has many countries in a pavilion, you can find each country's stamps in the corner of each country's booth, and they have different and unique stamps for each country! 

I was happy...and satisfied :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[Korea] The MVL Hotel - The Most Valuable Life

I was invited by KOCIS to visit Yeosu Expo 2012 and Yeosu Tour for three days. While I was in Yeosu, I was so grateful to be able to stay in The MVL Hotel (엠블 호텔) for two nights, once in the Superior type and the other night at the Terrace Suite.

The MVL Hotel seen from the Navy ship that was open for public on the Navy Day
The MVL is a landmark building located within the Expo area. It is just walking distance from the Expo gate, thus it is very comfortable to stay there on your visit to Expo. It has 310 guest rooms and 26 floors. The hotel is the first-seven-star hotel built in South Jeolla province. 7 stars hotel! I never dream about staying in a high-class hotel like this!

Guest rooms in the MVL consist of Superior, Deluxe, Suite (Tower Suite, Terrace Suite and Executive Suite) and Noblian Suite (Silver Suite, Gold Suite and Royal Suite). All rooms are sophisticated and perfectly designed. The furniture is designed carefully and in detail.

The Living Room - Terrace Suite 
Bedroom - Terrace Suite
Detail of Living Room
Bedroom - Superior Room


Details - Hangeul, Korean Alphabet
In the MVL hotel, you can find well designed products in the bathroom, bedroom, pantry or every part in the hotel which designed with the motive of Hangeul - the Korean alphabet. You can easily see it on the pillow cover design, runner, plates, packaging, and many more!

Bathroom - Superior Room
Have I told you that all rooms in the MVL have view to the ocean? The view from the room was awesome. From my room, I can see the Expo, the ship, the ocean an the mountain at the background. On the other day, I have view to Odong island which located next to the Expo site.

View of Expo from Superior Room

There are four restaurants in the MVL:
- Mare e Cielo, a restaurant and bar on the 26th floor where you can see the breathtaking scenery of the Expo and ocean through the window.
- Adria, where we had our morning buffet. The food and the atmosphere of the restaurant with its high-ceiling is great!
- Estrella, a spot where you can have coffee and cakes.
- Tavola Tavola, an outdoor dining with the night view of Odong island.

Bread - Adria

Sweet Treats - Adria

Veggie & Fruits - Adria

Nice presentation - Adria

The Counter - Estrella 
Outdoor Dining - Tavola-Tavola
The View of Expo from Tavola Tavola
The MVL is equipped with many facilities such as sauna, fitness, cafe (Cafe Indigo), flower shop (La Flora), Good & Goods, and also a Business Center.  For corporate banquet, the MVL has seven places for banquet with the capacity of 450 people. 

The Lobby
Hotel Entrance

Hotel corridor

Business Center
Good & Goods

Post cards of the MVL
There are two postcards of the MVL available inside the stationery kit in every room. I brought them home as souvenir and one of them will definitely be my postcard collection. The other one will be send as soon as possible to my best friend.

I would like to thank KOCIS for the chance to stay in the great hotel such as the MVL. I did enjoy the stay there and I couldn't wait no longer to share about the MVL to everyone. I hope you enjoy the pictures. ^^


Monday, June 18, 2012

[Korea] Yeosu Expo 2012 - 10 Tips for You!

After visiting Yeosu Expo 2012 for two days, I tried to evaluate my journey and thought about what people should prepare or do in Yeosu Expo. I wrote down the list based on my experience and opinion hoping that you can read it before you come to Yeosu for a better trip :)

1. Prepare your transportation to and from Yeosu. 
Many people make their trip to Yeosu Expo and you should plan how to go to Yeosu and how to go from there. Whether you want to use train, bus, flight or ferry to and from Yeosu, you better purchase your tickets long before the visit date to secure seats for you, especially if you go in groups.

The Expo Gate near KTX Station 
I almost didn't get a KTX ticket from Seoul to Yeosu because all tickets were sold out. I almost had to took Mugunghwa Train which would took longer journey than KTX and had to wake up too early to board the train. Luckily, our tour guide managed to get one for me :)

More info: Transportation

2. Get yourself a map of Yeosu Expo
The expo area is huge! In order to be able to plan your visit to the Expo, I suggest you have an Expo map or brochure with you. You can see the overall pavilions and decide which one you want to see. The map will also help you to find direction to your next destination. Map is available at the Information Desk of the Expo.

More info: Expo Map

Expo Map
International Pavilion Map
3. Long queue for Lunch or Dinner?
There are many restaurants in the Expo but the queue can be very long on lunch or dinner time. I saw some people brought their own meal and had their lunch on the bench. It would save them time to see more exhibition. So, the choices are: 1) try avoid lunch or dinner time if you don't want to wait for a long time, 2) take-away food (ex. hot-dog, burgers), 3) bring your own meal, 4) join the queue ^^

More info: Restaurant

Queue at restaurant
4. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes!
It is summer and it can be hot all day long or rainy whole day, so being casual will be more comfortable and make sure you wear your comfortable shoes because you may walk a lot on the Expo.

5. Weather forecast:  rainy day or sunny day?
I would suggest you to check the weather forecast one day before you go to Expo to know whether it will be hot day or rainy day. Then be prepared with umbrella or raincoat if it is rain, or sunglasses and hat if it is hot. However, Thea and Anna checked the forecast before we went to Expo, it was supposed to be no rain, but it was raining all day long. Anyway, you can buy umbrella, raincoat or hat in the stores in Expo depends on your needs.

Expo on rainy day

6. Bring your children to Expo?
I saw many family with children came to Expo. Expo provides many attractions, performances and exhibition which are good for children. However, for young children or babies, you may have to prepare baby carriage so that they can sleep or take a rest well enough while they are in the Expo.

7. Which pavilion to see?
You are offered with many options of pavilions range from International Pavilion, Corporate Pavilion, Aquarium, etc. If you want to see all of the pavilions, you may have to stay for few days in Yeosu. One day is just not enough. However, if you only come for one-day visit, I suggest you see the official website of Yeosu Expo to read the Expo Preview so you can decide which one you want to see.

More info: Expo Preview

Many interesting pavilions to see

8. Main performances not to be missed out.
As you click the link below for Cultural and Art Events, you will find many performances to see. Big-O Show is the main performance in the Expo but I missed it out :( Make sure you see the show! Also, every weekend, there are K-Pop performances for Expo Pop Festival.

More info: Cultural and Art Events

Expo Pop Festival - That was Rain on the stage!

9. Enjoy countries performances!
In International Pavilion, some countries offer  their traditional culture performances in the pavilion or outside their country pavilion building. Enjoy seeing the performances, and you will see the richness of world culture!

10. Buy yourself a Yeosu Expo Passport.
When we entered the Expo gate, Suzy said that she wanted to buy an Expo passport at the souvenir shop and collect stamps from each pavilion. We bought the passports, too :) It turned to be a very exciting thing I had in Expo, which made me enthusiast to visit pavilions and look for their unique stamps. The passport is the record of pavilions I ever visited and my treasured souvenir.^^

Expo Passport and Stamp Corner

Hope you have a pleasant visit to Yeosu Expo 2012, as I did.

PS. If you have visited the Expo and have some more tips to add, please write comment below. It would help other visitors. Thank you :)