Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chef Susanto and His Masterpieces

First product from our oven. Milk Tart ^^ (Got the recipe from Grace).
I had wanted to buy oven since a long time ago but we also wants to save money. Buying oven is not our priority. Therefore, we took a long time to consider buying it. 

After moving to the new house, the desire of having oven for making cookies and cake appeared again. San looked for second oven rather than the new one. The price would be much cheaper. 

Another batch of Milk Tart. It's so easy to make it!
We tried to find it online at Koreabridge. I knew this website since 2009 and we found lots of good offers in it. This is a website for foreigners living in Korea. You can find new friends, language exchange buddies, buying or looking for something, restaurants or cafe reviews and many more. 

Banana Cake & Chocholate Chips
San found the oven with a relatively cheap price and it was in good condition. The owner was male English teacher and rarely used it. San bought the oven just a few days before my birthday, thus it was my birthday gift!

Banana Soft Cookies

Pizza Toast for a yummy breakfast!
Apparently, San uses the oven more often than me. He really likes to make cake or cookies. Ask him if he could do it 3 or 4 years ago before married to me...hehehe...^^ My brother, Diar and I have influenced him a lot :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Introduce Reading Habit to Baby

Joshua's books and his study table

I have been reading book for Joshua since he was 3 months old. Before that I made up my own story for him. I would tell him my own version of three pigs, or cat & dogs, or baloons seller, or frog prince, or anything came up  into my mind.

Since he turned 3 months old, I have been borrowing English books from Busan English Library (BEL). BEL was opened not long after I arrived in Busan in 2009. I had tried to go to some libraries to find English books to read, but I hardly found it. So, when I heard about BEL, I was extremely happy!
(BEL is located near Lotte Department Store in Seomyeon. If you take subway, stop at Buam Station.)

The orange corner of Busan English Library. Visit the website and learn more about it. 

At the same location with BEL, you can also find Global Village. It is the place where student can learn English in a place situated just like a real condition such as airport, cafe, etc. The place offers many activities for students especially during school vacation.

Other than English books, I also borrow Korean books for Joshua. Usually I borrow the books from MCC (Migrants Multicultural Center). While I am reading the Korean books to Joshua, I am studying Korean, too ^^.

People asked me if Joshua can read books or understand it if I read them to him. When I did story-telling to him without books, he paid attention and listened to me. When I read book to him, he also looks at the book. He may not understand the story as we understand it, but the main point is to build a reading habit to him. 

Joshua is getting bigger and bigger. He can flip the pages by himself, even when I haven't finished reading the page to him. However, I can say that he loves book. He often looks for his books and reads it by himself, when we are busy doing other things. He knows where we keep his books. He can spend his time and enjoy reading. 

Lately, he told me story about the book he was reading. His pronounciation was not clear though, but he was enthusiastically pointing in the picture on the book and telling me a story. So cute!

I hope that he will always love reading. ^^

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

JoSH & toilet training

Joshua started his toilet training since his first birthday last September.

I bought him baby potty seat, the one that we can put on top of adult toilet, not the potty chair (which we have to clean after). I am agree with other parents idea that this type of baby potty seat is practical, we just need to flush it.

Together with the baby potty seat, I gave him baby bathroom plastic sandal. Bathroom floor is wet and cold during fall and winter. He enjoy wears his own bathroom sandals, since he always gave big attention to ours ^^.

Teaching him toilet training is not easy. We failed many times though but it is the journey of training.

Just before I started with Joshua's toilet training program, I am blessed to read a posting by Natalia Setiadi. You can read her experience with her little one here. She mentioned clearly about the principal things to encourage our child even when he fails to tell us that he wants to pee or poop.

Today, Joshua could clearly told me what he wanted. He eagerly looked for me and called 'Mama' many loud. I asked him why he called me. He pointed to bathroom and hold his tummy saying 'oop...oop..'

He still couldn't say pee or poop clearly but I am able to understand what he wants after several times. Usually he was late in telling me, or I didn't get what he was talking about. So, he did it half way on his diapers before I put him on his baby potty seat. Most of the time, I showed his dirty diapers to him, explaining that he should tell me earlier before the urge to pup comes.

After getting his signal, I rushed him to the toilet and he did it perfectly! I showed his diaper to him and we clapped together.

Both of us were so happy!

The toilet training journey is to be continued.
Joshua is a fast learner, and we are happy teachers ^^

Friday, October 21, 2011

Oktober yang sibuk!

Bulan Oktober ini bulan yang sibuk. Banyak sekali aktivitas dan jadwal-jadwal di bulan ini, ditambah perjuangan untuk bisa mengerti kelas dalam bahasa Korea, membaca dan presentasi juga dalam bahasa Korea. Fiuh!

Bulan ini kami pergi melihat gedung baru Busan Cinema Center yang berlokasi di daerah Haeundae. Gedung ini dibangun khusus untuk acara BIFF (Busan International Film Festival). Semoga ada waktu untuk cerita tentang gedung ini dan sekilas tentang BIFF, ya!

Selain itu, sempat juga ke pameran International Food di Bexco dan juga Mom & Baby Fair di tempat yang sama.

Minggu berikutnya, ada acara tari India dan Korea di kampus. Lumayan seru juga. Terus ada acara Busan Biennale, International Symposium yang mengawali acara Biennale ini di tahun yang akan datang. Nanti dibahas di posting tentang Biennale ya.

Lanjut dengan acara-acara yang menarik di akhir minggu ini, ada Global Gathering dan juga Firework Festival. Dilihat besok apakah bisa datang kesana. Laporannya menyusul juga, hehe.

Selain itu di bulan ini juga mengunjungi pembukaan pameran lukisan rekan-rekan pelajar dari kampus, para senior yang punya gawe individual exhibition. Jadi bolak-balik ke Haeundae nih...

Banyak tulisan yang tertunda nulisnya karena repot sekali, dan sepertinya akan semakin repot di minggu-minggu berikutnya. :(


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2011 Hanbok Festival -

If you live in Seoul or visiting Seoul during 21 - 30 Oct, 2011, visit 2011 Hanbok Festival!

Here is the detail:

- Period : 21 Oct(Fri) ~ 30 Oct(Sun) 2011, 10 days (Fashion show- 21 Oct(Fri), 5pm)
- Venue : Culture Station Seoul 284 (Former Seoul Station)
- Title : Hanbok, walking along in the modern times 

[WSK 5th] Volunteering that Makes Us Smile

Article from:

It is said that taking care of teeth from your childhood is very important. A recent study shows that taking proper care of teeth prevents the heart disease. The basic is to brush teeth in a proper way and scale teeth on a regular basis. But there are many people who cannot afford it. A charity group has been doing a service for those since long ago.

The joy in Volunteer Work
< Annual meeting for better volunteering> (Source: Yollin Dental Society)

Yollin Dental Society was established in 1999 to volunteer for poor neighbors. It is blowing a fresh breeze into many dentist groups in Korea. The targets are those who abandoned, seniors who live alone, and Korean-Chinese. Well, the Yollin Dental Society is busy enough to go to different places everyday that needs their help.
Then, how do they volunteer? Once the dentist license holder becomes a member of Yollin Dental Society, he gets a volunteer-schedule on a regular basis. Considering his/her schedule, the next step is to apply in advance. It is also good for building friendship among volunteers.
Kim Seong Moon, the newly elected president of Yollin Dental Society, said that the progress of the volunteer group cannot be made by just one or two persons’ efforts. He emphasized that passion and devotion from each person are the keys to achieve the progress and strengthen the friendship among members.

To Abroad!

Yeolin dentist group went abroad for a volunteer work for the first time this year. Kim prepared for international volunteer with passion. The original plan was to set up clinics abroad in order to provide Korean medical services for people in developing countries. They are planning another overseas volunteering project on a regular basis in the near future
The first destination was Indonesia. As it is a first international project, they already conducted a field trip, and did a lot of research. Finally, 25 dentists flew to Indonesia for a volunteer work from 29th of July to the 3rd of August. They treated factory workers and neighbors at factory of Dada Korea in Laya 76 km away from Jakarta. 309 patients were treated through the volunteer work.
Arrived very late, the dentist group set up the equipments until dawn and started to treat patients from the next morning. The situation was not so good. Mostly, they extracted and scaled teeth for local people, which continued for six days. In addition, they did a skin care and nail care for female workers and opened flee market with Korean items they brought from Korea. Of course, it was very popular.

(Source: Asia Economy)

The president of the group said, “More than 700 people wanted to be treated but only 300 people had opportunities due to the schedule. But I’m very glad to get things done without any accident.”
Yollin Dental Society marked 11th anniversary. Two hundred volunteers have treated seven thousand people so far. They have grown up as one of the most famous volunteer groups with six clinics in Korea.
Dental care is very important but it costs a lot of money. Until now, dental care was not affordable to low income class. However, we have Yollin Dental Society, and it seems that they will be the strong supporters.

Monday, October 17, 2011

[WSK 5th] The mission! Find Autumn Festival and Revitalize Yourself

This summer was truly hot. The steamy heat and discomfortness were stronger than ever. But now, fall is back. Not only the newly harvested crops and fruits satisfy our taste, but also the exhilarating air and infinitely deep sky give us refreshingness. We can’t miss this moment. A variety of festivals of many regions are waiting for us. Let’s enjoy the autumn festival!

Autumn-Day Eats, Gizzard Shad vs Shrimp

Gizzard shad gets more delicious especially in autumn. Most of them have more unsaturated fatty acid in fall season. Also the gizzard shad is often referred in many proverbs and sayings, which shows that it is close to our lives. For example, “There are a lot of roasting sesame seeds in gizzard shad’s head in autumn”, which means it is the most delicious in autumn, and the other one is, “Your runaway daughter-in-law comes back when she smell the smoked gizzard shad in autumn”, which is pretty famous. They all tell us how delicious it is.

< Grilled fish in port of Hongwon> (Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

There are many styles of its cooking, such as sashimi style, salad style with chili sauce, and so on. The grilled shad is also delicious. With one bite, you will see. There will be many shad festivals with various events in port of Secheon-gun, Bosung-gun and Gwangyang city from the end of September to early October. Refresh yourself with gizzard shed in these festivals.

Well, shrimp is another delicious eats of autumn. It is very chewy and tasty during the fall season. The king prawn is a kind of kuruma shrimp, but it is much superior in size, flexibility and sweetness.

< Fresh shrimp with low price during the festival> (Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

The prawn festivals are held from mid-September to mid-October in Anmyundo beach, Namdang port in Hongseong and Muchangpo in Boryung, Chungcheongnam-do. Fried shrimp is just perfect for children’s snack. But above all, the best recipe is grilled shrimp cooked with natural salt. You will taste good flavor in it. You can also set a rich table with seasonal shrimp you buy with a low price in each festival. It would be healthy cuisine for your family back from the summer heat.

Marathon and Walking Festival to Refresh Your Body

It is a time for walking shoes. The advertisements on walking shoes are becoming common these days. It shows that walking for exercise is along with a boom. Sport shoes and walking shoes were useless due to heavy rain and heat, however the time has come. Walking stimulates feet and helps blood flow and metabolism. It is an aerobic exercise that helps weight loss. More interest in athletics than the past was shown during IAAF World Championship in Daegu. In particular, marathon is amazing because the runners challenge to their limit.

< Citizens participating in walking festival> (Source: Yonhap News)

Thanks to this trend, many regions are preparing a variety of festivals such as the 4thGapyeong Marathon Contest, Gyeonggi Marathon for Peaceful Unification, Sunday Marathon 2011 for Success of Pyeongchang Olympics and Seoul History Trail Walking Contest 2011. These festivals have various race courses. You can participate by choosing one of the courses, full and half course, 10 km and 5 km. Why don’t you take some time and run a marathon over the weekend? It would be tough for your legs. However, your brisk arms and breezing air will make you feel refreshed. Your stress and fatigue will disappear with sweats falling on your forehead.

International Jass Festival in Jara Island for Romantic Autumn

The 8th international jazz festival, loved by in and out of Korea, will be held this year in Jara island. The performance played by local and international musicians will make you feel exciting. Jara island has a magnificent scenery that gives a joy through ears as well as whole body. Particularly, the island located in Northern Han river provides a full comfort of rest for city residents. Once the musical performance is added, you will see a paradise.

< Romantic stage of jazz musicians> (Source : Korea Tourism Organization)

Jazz festival is held in Jara island of Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do. You can take a day trip by Gyeongchun metro line at Sangbong station, Seoul. Take a journey to jazz festival with your friends or lover, you will have a wonderful memory of autumn into your heart.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Berkat di hari Minggu

Saya bersyukur karena hari ini bisa berkonsentrasi penuh pada Ibadah Hari Minggu di Gereja Korea Indonesia (GKI) Ebenhaezer. Ini kali pertama sejak saya melahirkan JoSH, saya bisa memuji Tuhan dan mendengar firman Tuhan tanpa harus bingung mengurus Joshua.

Malam sebelumnya juga untuk pertama kali, saya & JoSH bisa hadir di Doa Malam di gereja. Bahkan kami menginap di gereja sampai esok harinya.

Untuk pertama kali juga, JoSH pergi ke Sekolah Minggu bersama papanya. Biasanya JoSH pergi bersama saya. Jika saya tetap di gereja mengikuti Ibadah hari Minggu, JoSH yang sudah semakin aktif susah sekali duduk tenang dan diam selama ibadah. Dan lagi di gereja, tidak ada ruang khusus untuk orang tua & anak bisa mendengarkan ibadah (beberapa gereja menyediakan tempat kedap suara untuk orang tua yang membawa anak-anak, dilengkapi dengan TV dan audio system).

Sudah sering saya melontarkan kepada suami bahwa saya kehilangan kesempatan untuk mengikuti ibadah dengan utuh. Saya minta dia untuk sesekali menemani JoSH ke Sekolah Minggu supaya saya punya kesempatan mengikuti kebaktian. Akan tetapi, karena jadwal pelayanan dan juga alasan bahwa kemampuan bahasa Koreanya tidak cukup fasih untuk mengantar JoSH ke Sekolah Minggu (di gereja lain yang berbahasa Korea), membuat saya tidak bisa mendapatkan kesempatan itu.

Sebelum hari Minggu tiba, saya menyatakan keinginan untuk hadir di Ibadah Minggu dan memintanya mengantar JoSH ke Sekolah Minggu. Di luar dugaan, suami bersedia!

Setelah pulang dari Sekolah Minggu saya menanyakan apa yang terjadi di sana dan bagaimana perasaannya. Dia merasa sukacita bisa mengantar JoSH. Selama ibadah, JoSH bersikap tenang dan tidak rewel sama sekali. Orang-orang menyapa dia dan menanyakan dimana saya. Dia menjelaskan kepada mereka bahwa sesekali dia akan datang bersama JoSH, supaya JoSH mengerti bahwa kedua orang tuanya, bukan hanya mama saja tapi keduanya menaruh perhatian kepadanya, membawa dia ke Sekolah Minggu untuk mengenal Tuhan lebih dalam lagi.

Saya bersyukur untuk hari ini. Kesempatan beribadah kepada Tuhan itu suatu hadiah Tuhan yang luar biasa. Kita mungkin sering kali menganggap Ibadah sebagai suatu rutinitas yang kehilangan arti spesialnya dalam hati kita. Saya dikuatkan lewat puji-pujian dan firman Tuhan hari ini. Bersyukur untuk semua itu.

Salah satu pujian yang menguatkan saya hari ini, kiranya boleh menguatkan saudara-saudara juga.
Puji syukur kepada Tuhan!

Kaulah Harapan

Bukan dengan kekuatanku
ku dapat jalani hidupku.
Tanpa Tuhan yang di sampingku,
ku tak mampu sendiri.
Engkaulah kuatku yang menopangku.

Kupandang wajahMu dan berseru,
pertolonganku datang dariMu.
Peganglah tanganku jangan lepaskan,
Kaulah harapan dalam hidupku.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gendongan Bayi ala Korea & Indonesia

Sampai sudah beratnya 10 kg dan mulai bisa berjalan sedikit demi sedikit, JoSH melewati banyak model gendongan.

Yang pertama, waktu masih kecil sekali, JoSH digendong pakai selendang kain batik. Selendang ini punya Oma, waktu itu kondisinya masih belum pernah dipakai, katanya sih hadiah waktu Om Diar lahir (berarti sekitar 17 tahun yang lalu nih dapatnya, disimpan rapi sama Oma).

Selendang ini khas cara menggendong ala Indonesia. Waktu pakai selendang ini untuk gendong JoSH keluar rumah, banyak dapat perhatian dari orang-orang sekitar, karena lain cara gendongnya dengan mereka.

Trus, karena kain batiknya warnanya bagus, banyak juga yang pegang-pegang dan tanya harganya berapa, boleh dibeli atau tidak...tentu saja waktu itu jawabnya tidak dijual. Punyanya aja cuma satu, hehe.

Yang kedua, selain selendang batik, ada selendang yang sudah jadi (sling) beli di online shop di Indonesia, tinggal di-adjust panjang pendeknya. Tapi yang ini jarang dipakai. Ga tau kenapa terasa ribet pakainya, dan sesak (mungkin karena Mamanya gemuk, bayinya gemuk, plus waktu itu musim dingin jadi baju kita tebal-tebal). Padahal sudah diset ukuran yang paling besar.

Menurut panduan sih bisa sampai bayi berat 16 kg, tapi karena sudah terasa sesak dan tidak nyaman, cuma dipakai sebentar saja.

Yang ketiga, gendongan ala Korea. Bayinya diikat di belakang punggung Mama, jadi tangan Mama bebas untuk beraktivitas. Gendongan model ini kami dapat dari seorang Ibu, anaknya sudah besar dan tidak dipakai lagi. Karena tidak biasa pakai dan tidak nyaman di ikatan gendongan di bagian depan tubuh, akhirnya jarang pakai juga. Memang sih enak juga bisa bekerja sambil gendong bayi di belakang, tapi kontak mata jadi kurang karena bayi ada di punggung Mama.

Kalau di Korea, pasti akan sering sekali melihat Ibu-ibu yang pakai gendongan ini, kebanyakan sih Nenek-neneknya si bayi. Ibu-ibu yang muda lebih suka model gendongan yang berikutnya.

Model gendongan yang terakhir, bayi bisa digendong di depan atau di belakang. Model gendongan ini banyak sekali dipakai di Korea. Ini juga kami dapat hadiah dari seorang teman Indonesia yang baik hati ^^. Tipe-nya bermacam2, ukuran dan warna juga bervariasi. Paling enak memang gendongan yang terakhir ini. 

Kami pakai gendongan ini mulai JoSH umur 5 bulan sampai sekarang. Banyak juga yang sejak bayi masih kecil sudah pakai gendongan model begini. Dulu Oma khawatir kalau masih kecil jangan digendong berdiri dulu, karena takut leher dan punggungnya belum cukup kuat, dan posisi gendong ini posisi tegak, sehingga kaki bayi jadi terbuka. Takut efeknya kalau besar, kakinya tidak bisa menutup rapat karena terbiasa digendong tegak.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

[WSK 5th] Learning Strong Wisdom of Sea Women in Jeju Island


Ocean of Jeju island has Mt.Halla and hundreds of parasitic volcanoes. In addition, the ocean has sea women who represent strength. Sea women are the past and future of Jeju island. Ocean is their life and they have struggled over hundreds of years. Let’s learn who they are.
Catch A Glimpse of History and Footstep of Sea Women
Sea women may be only in Korea and Japan. Most of Korean sea women live in Jeju island, estimated about 20,000. We assume that the origin of sea women started at prehistoric era when human sought their food in the sea, considering that the shrine for fishermen and sea women existed from ancient times. But most of all, Jeju island is believed to be a birthplace of sea women.
(Source: Local Segye Shinmun)
Jeju women have been destined to swim in the sea unless they did not farm in the field. Girls started to swim at the age of seven and eight. When they were seventeen and eighteen they became sea women. Their prime time last until 40.
They usually work five meters under the sea for 30 seconds but if necessary, they dive 20 meters and endure for two minutes under the sea. Whenever they come up to the surface, they breathe out deeply. In addition, they join community gathering and organizing sea women’s club or diver’s club. By these activities they decide diving time, diving manner and joint collection and carry out on their own. They contribute to prosperity of villages by joint raise and joint collection of sea food.
They dive 20 meters under the sea and endure two minutes long and swim in the cold winter. They have extraordinary skill and spirit. They dive even after giving a birth. There is a folk song, ‘Song of Sea women’, showing determination of sea women of Jeju island.

Meet Sea Women in a Variety of Way
It’s not easy to see them even though we often heard that they have strong spirit and wisdom. Fortunately, the Jeju city government hosts a festival and opens a museum to promote sea women. The festival started first at 2002 world cup season. There are a variety of programs showing a myth of Jeju, life of sea women and life of fishing village. During the festival, many events are presented such as photo gallery painting contest, food court, and fireworks in order to promote sea women.
(Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

Sea women museum displays the history and work of sea women and the tools of collecting sea food. Four story museums have three exhibit rooms, video room, observatory, and children hall. The first exhibit room reproduces sea women’s house, fishing village, shamanism and seasonal customs. The second exhibit room is made of workplace of sea women. The third exhibit room has fishery of ancient times, sea of hope for better understanding of fishing village and culture. Museum is the place for children education. 
Movement to Preserve Sea Woman
Sea women would disappear if the seniors stop diving. Jeju University and other Korean research centers claim that sea women should be designated as the living culture heritage. Central government and local government need to work hard on the matter.

(Source:Donga Ilbo)

(Source: Seoul Shinmun)
Sea women became the representative brand of Jeju island. Their frontier spirit and diligence became known outside the world. Their image swimming in the sea is a present to modern people. They awaken frontier spirit and wisdom. They could disappear as they get older in the future. We hope that their spirits continue to be preserved. Through the centuries of history, sea women have struggled to survive in the ocean. It is necessary to preserve their spirit and promote sea women as world brand.
Jeju sea women are very rare so city government is trying to list them as the world cultural heritage. Because they are the only one who collects the sea food without any tools. Sea women can be world class culture asset if we preserve them well.

[WSK 5th] Fall Foliage Trip to the South


Starting from the North to the South, whole place is changing its color as it gets closer to the end of  autumn. Autumn leaves turn red when the weather gets  cold, so mountainous Gangwon-do become the first place of autumn leaves. When you look down from the sky, leaves descend to the South and finally stop at Jeju island.
Shall we move on  to the South?

Foliage Trip to Mt.Palgong
Mt.Palgong, which is located in Daegu, is always popular among many people. You don’t need to spend much time and money to enjoy the autumn leaves. The mountain is said to be the most beautiful in late October.
Trip to autumn leaves starts at the entry to the Mt.Palgong. 1,300 gingko trees are lined up along six kilometer long road between Gongsan tunnel and School, which is very popular car driving course. Going down the road after tunnel, you will be amazed at gingko trees. It is fantastic to see golden wave of gingko trees.
When you turn to Dongwha temple at Baekan intersection, you’ll meet the line of gingko trees. After passing by school, you’ll meet maple trees. It is simply beautiful.
Plus, Mt.Palgong belt way is very popular among drivers for the beauty of its maple trees. The whole mountain is full of red color when the fall reaches its peak. You’ll definitely be amazed.

(Source:Yonhap News)
Hiking is the best way to enjoy the autumn of Mt.Palgong. There are many hike ways in the mountain such as Buin temple road, Gatbawi road and Dongwha temple road. Some buddhists  pray toward Buddha statue at Gatbawi. This buddha statue was made in Shilla dynasty and became known as praying site for education, health, occupation, and baby boys. Many people come to this site to pray for their own wish every day.

Trekking to the Autumn of Mt.Jiri
Mt.Jiri is the second highest after Mt.Halla of Jeju island. This mountain is huge. There are so many famous and beautiful sites in the mountain. Autumn leaves of this mountain are as beautiful as other mountains.
Autumn leaves start to turn red in late September at Mt.Jiri. It is not well-known but you can enjoy autumn leaves earlier than any others in southern part.

Foliage of Mt.Jiri will start in 5th of October at Cheonwang peak, about 15th at main line, between 20th and 25th at Pia valley and three or four days later than Pia valley at Baemsa valley. If you want to get the most beautiful scenery, you should go up to Cheonwang peak. The most beautiful hike way is between Sesok and Chunwang Peak.
Cho-Sik, a scholar of Joseon dynasty, said “Don’t tell anybody that you’ve seen foliage without seeing the foliage of Pia valley. Foliage of Jikjeon is one of ten beautiful sceneries in Mt.Jiri. Pia Valley is famous for hike way of foliage. Foliage hiking in Pia valley starts at Seongsamjae and continues to Nogodan and descends to Pia valley or moves forward to Baemsa valley. This hike way has so beautiful scenery that many people take this way.  Foliage in Baemsa valley is as beautiful as Pia valley. Pia valley is famous for foliage whereas Baemsa valley is famous for valley itself. Baemsa valley is nine kilometer long and colorful leaves harmonize with that valley. Foliage spreading from Banseon complex to Ganjangso is regarded as the most beautiful scenery in Baemsa valley.

(Source: Korea Tourism Organization)
There are some other foliage sites to see in Mt.Jiri. Various hike ways have been developed since long time ago. Shall we take a trip to Mt.Jiri?

Mt.Dyuryun, the Harmony of a thousand years history and the beauty of the Mountain
Duryun mountain, which is located at the southernmost peninsula, is full of evergreen broadleaf and deciduous broadleaf. There are some national treasures such as Daedun temple, Pyochung temple, the bell of Tapsan temple and so on.   Duryun mountain is well known for camelia and foliage. The valley is two kilometers long from the group facilities complex to the temple. The latest foliage, regarded as one of the most beautiful autumn scenery, can be seen there.

(Source:Daeheung Temple Wesite)
The best scenery of this mountain is a maple tree forest of the way to Daehung temple. Take a walk through the temple gate. You’ll refresh yourself. Maple forests and camellia can be seen. Trees are like tunnel. When you cross a bridge, there is tunnel of maple trees.    Let’s walk through the yellow and red gingko trees and maple forest and keep going up along the car road. Mountain is covered up with yellow and red wave. Crossing valley and bridge, you’ll meet Youseondang and backdrop of foliage which are the highlight of the journey. The last of the journey is the road up to Daehung temple.

Maple Leaves of Mt.Halla, the Southernmost of Korea Foliage of Mt.Halla in Jeju island is not as well known as other sites. The famous sites are Wanggwanneung, Mansae hill, road between Youngsil rest area and Byeongpung rock area, road 1100 and 516. In particular, uniquely shaped 500 rock pillars stand at Youngsil rest area and Byeongpung rock area. The area is probably the most beautiful site.
Youngsil of Mt.Hallan is easy to access for all walks of life. Youngsil course starts at pavilion. Road to Youngsil is flat, however, the pine trees and maple forests along the road will lead you to the unique landscape. Walking a little further up, you can have good scenery of foliage. Maple forest starting under the Byeongpung rocks continues to gate of the hike way. It is magnificent.
Another joy of Jeju trip. If you have a plan to go to Mt.Halla, do not miss autumn foliage in Youngsil.

(Source: Yonhap News)
How was the journey? Autumn is right at the corner. Shall we take a walk and breathe in the forest of autumn foliage?