Sunday, June 24, 2007


this evening i heard the priest again talking about 'squeeze yourself'. i just wrote about 'use it to the fullest' this afternoon and heard he said about squeezing made me think about myself.

i think, the priest is maybe the one that always try to make every single moment, single minute worthed. for example when he was on the plane, he can read and memorize, or draw and design church, think or compose a song, etc. it seems like he always try to make everyday to be meaningful and fruitful.

let's not wasting our time!
let's not wasting our talents!
for God has been so good to us...
and our race in this world is to get the crown...
after we finish the race,
after we try our best,
after we squeeeze ourselves,
all we do is not for our satisfaction...
but for Him!
for His glory!

let's not throw away even a minute from your life...
come on...start from now..
don't wait until tomorrow!
cheers ^^

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  1. that's a great blog honey...
    let's do squeeze together :)