Thursday, May 31, 2007


I have been working for 8 days!!!

Thanks God for everything He gave me.
Actually this job kinda challenge to me as it pushes me to study and prepare everything by myself. Can say that I have to be 'greatly independent'. I just thought that 'ok, they know me as graduated master student, they must expect me to do something without a need to tell me how to do it'.

Many things happen since my first day working, I don't want to write those down here as remembering those things will just blow out my spirit and happiness. What I usually do in the morning before I enter the Studio 1@3 door is reminding myself that I need to be the light and the spirit for my team members. I can't just always feel guilty, sad, and self pity. I need to stand and bring the cheerfulness to the bay.

I still don't know how to do my work correctly, but hope that this week I can finish the programme first than take the action starting on Monday. God don't let me walk alone...I'm sure about it.

Remembering that He is with me, it makes me happy...^^

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  1. congrats ya honey....
    don't forget to thanks God for everything....
    God always loves you