Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Practice makes perfect

As a native Indonesian speaker, we sometimes don't feel confident to speak or write in English. Although we might have learnt English since we were in the elementary school, yet English is not our mother tongue.

I still remember when I was in the university, I took an English course at English Learning Center to improve my skill. My teacher gave me a writing homework and scored me 85/100. One random evening, a boarding-house mate who majored in English Literature went in to my room and found the paper on the desk. My English teacher is her friend, both of them were smart. She said, "How come your teacher give you 85? If I were your teacher, I would just give this kind of writing less than 60."


I said to myself, see from another point of view...if I was an English literature student, you may score me like that. I think my teacher tried to see from another way different with my friend. She looked at my background, too and she scored the effort I did.

Another day in Busan, accidentally I met the wife of San's professor on the bus.
After talked for a while, she said "Dita, you can speak English well."
"umm...but my accent is Asian accent..."
"Of course, you're Asian! Nothing's wrong with that!"


We often feel not confident enough to speak, do presentation or discuss with others in English. We worry too much with our grammar and accent which hold us to step further. We are Indonesian, or Asian who speak with Indonesian/Asian accent. That's all right! The most important thing is that your partner can understand what do you want to say. Don't make language hold you back!

Practice makes perfect. Do it regularly. Learn from your mistakes. Study hard.
You will see the difference!

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  1. nice blog
    thank for sharing

  2. kak... it's all true.. one thing we do need to learn from Westerner is the ability not to care of what others think of us! hahaha.. like what Nike said.. Just Do it!! yeahh hahaha

  3. I agree with you, thats what happen to me, till now haha.