Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Merdeka! - Indonesia Independence Day

Today is Indonesia Independence Day!

I was hoping that Google's logo today is Indonesian flag, just what they did to South Korea's flag on its independence day. But seemed that Google prefers to make a special one to celebrate the birth of Pierre de Fermat, a French mathematician. :(

However, our happiness on celebrating Indonesia independence doesn't rely on Google, right?

Since we leave far away from our homecountry, there's no special celebration as those celebrations back in Indonesia. Thus, the feeling is different, too.

Anyway, besides the independence day, today is our 3rd anniversary. San made a poem to me and posted it yesterday instead of today. It was a sweet one, wasn't it? ^^

So we wore batik clothes today, just as a simple celebration to both events.

Joshua wore 'blangkon' (Javanese traditional hat), a gift from grandfather. My dad said that it was difficult to find a blangkon for baby. Unfortunately, it is already a bit too small for him.

San's blangkon is a special one, too. My Dad's friend gave it to him as a gift! It's a Jogja style blangkon.

We would like to say happy independence day to our beloved country, Indonesia!
Also thanks for everyone who congratulated us on our anniversary. Thank you for your warm wishes, prayers and love for our family.

with love,
San, Dita, JoSH.


  1. Happy anniversary, Dit & kak San. Wish you more and more joy and blessings.

    Btw, Google front page is different in every country. It'll be different for national celebration, but the same for international events or for tributes for internationally-known people.

  2. Hi ce Mod...yes, i realized that after i posted it. My Google page is for Korean, and my mistake is because I just checked on and not looked at! San noticed my mistake also. ^^ Hehehe. Thanks ya ce Mod :)