Sunday, March 2, 2008

enjoying weekend!

Yesterday is the first Saturday that I spent without being worry with Mandarin homework and lesson. I was enjoying myself at home, going out with Roos and Anthony, eating Waraku and Yakun Kaya Toast.

There are going to be 12 Saturdays left for me in Singapore. So far, I haven't finalized my visiting list for the remaining weekends. Some places that comes into my minds are all the museum, some shopping malls, government buildings, farms, NTU, makan places, bukit timah nature and concert hall at Esplanade; not forgetting also the Mustafa Centre, as my mum asked me to buy dragon balms for her.

I have been living in Singapore since end-July 2006. My friends said that I have been to a lot of tourism destinations since my first visit to Singapore on June 2005, but the fact is there are lots more interesting places that I haven't been there. Will try to make it. More reports will be coming here!

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