Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hi Korea

Finally, I arrived in Incheon International Airport, Korea at 08.30 (GMT +9)
It is very nice trip from Denpasar, Bali.
It took six hours and thirty six minutes up there.
I amazed with the monitor devices in the cabin (I'm from kampoong, you know).
It told us many information like how much is the altitude; what time is it now and the time we must arrive in; how much is the remaining time, the temperature outside the plane, the speed of the plane, and also the remaining distance. There was also the map of Asia to indicate where we were at the moment of time.

I amazed because I was in the huge plane (2-4-2 person in a row, from the total around 40 rows), the altitude was around 11 km high, the temperature outside around minus 50 degree Celsius, and maximum speed of the plane was around 900 km/hour.
I amazed not only because people, human being can make this happen, but also because of God who can create a wonderful human being, God who can create the universe. How great thou art.

Then I called Bernardo, my friend from Indonesia who has been already in Busan to ask him the way to get there. He was very nice to help me to know more about Korea, the culture and the transportation (including the time). He has already explained a lot before my departure to Korea. Until now He has been taking Doctorate Program in Pusan National University, Busan.

I continued my journey to Seoul Station by bus. I only waited not more than 10 minutes after purchasing the ticket. I was thinking that I can enter the exit door at that time like Tom Hanks on "THE TERMINAL" movie. I enjoyed the trip and saw many tall buildings around. It was a pleasure to see how Korea became a great country.

After arrived in Seoul Station, I checked the next schedule for KTX (Korean Train eXpress). I chose this trip because it was the fastest way to go to Busan. The Seoul-Busan trip is only 2 hours and 45 minutes. After I bought the ticket, I went to the train, and waited for 20 minutes for departure. I was sleeping in the KTX, almost all the time. I was thinking that this is almost the last part of my journey. I was extremely tired.

Finally, I came to Busan Station, and continued the last trip by taxi. My campus was in a small island named Yeongdo-gu, located at the south of Busan city. It was in mountains area and very cold here (-2C at night and 7C at noon). The total time I spent from Surabaya to Busan was completely 24 hours...Wow, It's a miracle.

Thanks God to make me here right now. I will see more of Your miracles here, in Busan.

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  1. This is great! You write again after some time...

    Luv to hear from you everyday!

    Do you know that I miss you?

    A LOT!!!