Saturday, August 29, 2009

August - The Month of Happiness

So here we are in the end of August!

San and I have almost passed our "Happy Month". We waited the coming of August eagerly since we would celebrate three big events in our life:

San's birthday on Aug 6
1st wedding anniversary on Aug 17
and ...
My birthday on Aug 28

What makes this month so special? It's our first wedding anniversary!

Looking back on how we choose the wedding date, both of us were extremely blessed when both part of our big families agreed with our choice.

First of all, we just want to get marry on August 2008. Then we started to choose the date: 8, 9, 10, 16, 17, 18, 20, 23, 28 etc...When we looked at the calendar, it seemed that 17 August is the best because it was Sunday, the day before is Saturday which most people have their day-off, and the next day is public holiday because of the Indonesia Independence Day was on Sunday. We thought that it would be better for our relatives and friends who live far away from Surabaya. They could come on Saturday and would not be in hurry to return to their home. I then realized that 17 August is exactly in the middle of our birthdays...!!!

Let's count!
San 6 + Dita 28 = 34 /2 = 17 !!!!
Exactly in the middle!

One of my friend made a joke to our wedding date: 17 Aug is the day when Indonesia had its independence, but both of you lose your independence on that day!

We don't lose our independece, indeed we have an independence of love.
Now, it's free to show my love to him, isn't it??? ^^

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