Wednesday, March 31, 2010


An old friends suddenly wanted to chat on Facebook, and asked some questions...

Q: Where are you now?
A: I'am in Busan.
Q: O...Busan. South Korea?
A: Yes
Q: For what? Study or working?
A: Accompany husband. He is studying here.
Q: So what are you doing?
A: I'm a housewife.
Q: What? So pity...You're so smart and now you're just an housewife? Eman-emane rek...(In Indonesian)

So what's wrong with being a housewife? If I am smart, can't I be a housewife?

I knew many mommies and wives out there who are smarter than me yet still choose to be a mother and wife. Taking care of their husband and children, making their house clean and homy, cook healthy and delicious food for family, etc. It's not an easy job to do though.

When I shared to hubby about the conversation on that day, he said to me that people judge the value of a man as a commodity. If a man can't produce a lot of money or have a high position/career, he is useless. He told me about Kim Yu-na, a talented ice skater from South Korea who won the Winter Olympic Figure Skating 2010. South Korean people expected her to always be number 1. Unfortunately, Yu-na is a human, too who someday can fail to be the best in competition. In one of The Korea Times' article, the newspaper even called Yu-na as 'item'. What a pity!

The most important thing in your life is not whether you can get a lot of money, or good position in a company, or being what your parents or other want you to be, BUT being what God wants you to be and faithfully follow His guidance.

Not just one person thought that I was stupid for leaving my job in one of the biggest companies in Singapore. Many people thought that I was crazy to go back to Indonesia for getting married and had no certainty about my future. A lot of people regretted my decision to follow my husband to South Korea where I would find language and culture barrier, and struggle to find a suitable job, when I could just accept a good position in a company in Indonesia.

But I have chosen the right decision. Being together with my husband is the best thing ever in life. This is the place where I suppose to be. I can support him, love him, take care of him and having many good times with him. Moreover, God gives us the precious gift which is still in my womb. Nothing can be compared to our happiness.

Being a housewife is a privilege.


  1. Yes. God gave you as a blessing to me. I can't imagine how's the life without you someday....I will miss you so much. I really enjoy every path of our life with our God :)

  2. being a housewife is a privilege! -> love that statement! gue juga housewife en banyak temen ngga nyangka soalnya dulu pas kuliah gue gila belajar hahaha. sekarang juga masih belajar sih, belajar masak :p met kenal

  3. hi Grace ^^ met kenal juga...waktu kuliah di Petra, Surabaya, aku ingat dulu pernah baca forwarded email dari teman2 tentang ceritamu kuliah & pelayanan di china...skrg grace yang sama sudah jadi housewife & bentar lagi si baby bakal lahir ya...God bless you, have a safe delivery.