Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rejected by school bus driver

Yesterday, I wanted to go to the nearest subway station to meet my classmates for lunch. As usual, I went to the bus stop which is the school shuttle bus stop point. This time, I was with my baby, Joshua. And this was not the first time I board the school shuttle bus while carrying him with me, although it still can be counted.

I saw the school bus was coming. I waved my hand signaling that I wanted to board the bus. But the bus didn't stop. It stopped 5 meters away from the bus stop point and I had to run to catch it. After arrived in front of the bus door, the bus driver still didn't open the door. But he opened it finally. I almost wanted to step in the bus before he asked me questions and underestimated me. He thought that I should not stopped the bus because he thought I was not a student (for carrying a baby) and I didn't have the right to board the bus.

I knew that driver and I thought he would remember me if I didn't carry the baby. I said that I am a student, too. And by looking at his shocked face, I knew he wouldn't mind if I enter the bus without waiting his answer.

I still felt angry about that until night, till I realized that it was just because of the difference of worldview.

So, I am married and I have a baby and I am a student in the same time.
If I am not a person in this position I also can say that it is not right. I would say that Mother should stay at home, taking care of baby, taking care of house, helping husband and doing everything related to family matters. But I have a reason that made me choose to study again. One of the reasons is to be able to stay with my husband, and not to separate my husband from our baby. And for that reason, I won't regret it.

I remembered that one of Korea lady told me that I am lucky that my husband allowed me to study even though I am married and have a baby. Most Korean men would not allow their wife to study after delivering baby. It happened to the lady when she found her pregnancy after five months studying in US.

I understand the basic reason behind the Korean men's way of thinking. I agree with them if the reason is to give full attention to the baby's growth and family life. I think not only in Korea, in my country or other countries, staying with the baby and managing household is on mother's first list.

It's the ideal way. Mine would not be that ideal, but it is the best choice in our case.

I felt relieved after thinking about the diference of our worldview. It was very understandable if he mistaken me on that day.

I learnt to appreciate other people's way of thinking. That's my food of thought today.

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