Thursday, November 10, 2011

[Korea] Busan Museum of Modern Art

I had been waited for a long time for a visit to Busan Museum of Modern Art. I have visited many places near the museum such as Shinsegae (based on Guiness book of world records in 2009, it is the world largest department store), Bexco, Olympic Sports Center, Busan e-FM office, etc but not this museum.

There is an exhibition going on in this museum and it made me wanted to pay a visit this time. It is 'Monet to Warhol' art exhibition. One day I saw an announcement in the University Arts Department bulletin board. It was mentioned that whoever wants to go to the exhibition can apply to the assistant. 

I applied and found that my Prof would go there with us. Visiting the museum is free but to see the sppecial exhibition, the ticket fee is 11,000 won. I got a free ticket from Prof! Thanks a lot, Prof. Finally, I can visit the museum and visit the exhibition, too!

I really like the arts shop in the museum. The shop really sells many artistic things. Look at the umbrella hanging in front of the shop. The designs are special ones, you would not find anything like this in another shop. The price is between 34,000 - 38,000 won.

Notebooks and sketch books with famous paintings as its covers. 

On the basement floor, we can find Kids Museum. There is a special program for kids where they learn to see and feel through hearing sounds. Confused? You have to visit the museum to have a real experience. 

Translation of the Korean words:
My name is "Listening by eyes, Seeing by ears"
Even though you close your eyes, you can see through the 'sound'
Even though you close your ears, you can listen through the 'speaker and cable'
(Don't touch me!)


  1. lhoh... wes kesini..... aku muauuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... wes ket suwe.... :))... bagi2 potonya ya....

  2. mumpung ada exhibition tuh...kalau mau kesana, cuman mahal sih tiket masuknya.. :( besok ada postingan ga seberapa penting tentang exhibitionnya, cuman foto2 yg di luar tok, yg di dalam ta foto pakai mata hehehe....

  3. Wow it looks really interesting!
    And it seems rather big
    so there must have been a lot too see
    Maybe i'll travel there sometime too~ xD

  4. Hi Mella, yes it is a big museum. I count 8 medium small exhibition rooms and 8 big rooms in level 2 & 3. There are some rooms too in basement for Children Art Museum. Other exhibitions than 'Monet to Warhol' are free to visit. If you have chance, go take a look! ^^