Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Teacher's letter

JoSH has been three months in daycare. Yesterday, I told the teacher who usually picked him up in the morning that it was his last day in the daycare since we are going to have vacation abroad. He will come back to daycare after we arrive back in Korea. Teacher showed a surprise mimic but then she remembered that I have told her about it few weeks ago.

When JoSH arrived home in the afternoon. I found a piece of letter from the teacher. I read it and touched with her words. She loves JoSH so much. I am blessed that JoSH has a teacher who love and care about him.

Teacher wrote the letter in Korean, here is the translation.

Dear Songmin's Mommy,

I am really happy and feeling good to be together with the cute and handsome Songmin.

Whenever he tries to imitate the sisters and brothers' attitude, he is really cute and lovely.
If the sisters beat his shoulder gently, the handsome Songmin also comes and gives gentle massage to sisters' shoulders.
Still fresh in my mind the scene about Songmin when the brothers give food in a small bowl and ask him to eat, he will put the fruit inside the bowl and using his two hands to receive it.
Songmin who likes to follow teacher everywhere teacher moves, listens to teacher's word and quickly do the conduct.
The handsome Songmin eats and sleeps well.

I will miss him so much!
When Songmin smiles, all of tiredness disappear in a sudden.
Everytime I miss him, I will look at his picture and feel happy.
Be healthy and be a happy family!
Have a safe trip.


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