Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mama, let's pray!

Yesterday morning, JoSH woke up earlier than both of us. San and I talked pass midnight and felt into deep sleep.

JoSH woke me up and say, "Mama, 기도합시다." It means, Mama, let's pray.
My eyes were still hard to open but I realized this was a very sincere request of him. I could not stand continue to sleep.I woke up straight away, taking a position to pray.

He then looked at his father who was still sleeping and say, "Papa, 기도합시다."
San who just came back from Cheonan after attending a church revival event, was very tired but he answered, "Yes."

JoSH took a proper sitting position and praying hand. We started the day with pray.

My heart was touched by him on that day. It was not easy to build praying habit for him. Sometimes he refuses to pray. He just wants to keep playing or go straight to bed. Sometimes he wants to eat his food before praying. Also, I still remember when he was still a baby how he cried whenever we closed our eyes to pray. I thought he was afraid about us closing our eyes. I even created a praying song that we always sing before our meals, since he loves singing and easier to introduce him to pray through songs.

He learnt to say 'Amen' and till now he eagerly says 'Amen' every time he knows the pray is about to the end.

He didn't like if the Sunday School teacher hugged him and prayed for him. He would always try to escape from teacher's hug. But recently, he can stay calm till teacher finishes her pray.

Thank you JoSH for the meaningful morning. We hope that praying is not just about habit but it is truly said from your heart, whenever you thanks God or talks with Him. We pray that you will always love God with all your heart and mind. God loves you, my son. 

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