Monday, July 9, 2012

[Korea] Busan Familiarity Tour 2012

Thanks to Korea Brand Communicator (by Presidential Council of Nation Branding) and Busan Convention & Visitors Bureau for sponsoring the Busan Familiarity Tour which was on July 2-4, 2012. 

On the first day , we went to Nampodong. We visited the BIFF (Busan International Film Festival - changed to PIFF) in Nampodong, the new location for PIFF is the Busan Cinema Center in Centum City. Then we found the Patbingsu Alley, which is a unique place and lifestyle of Busan. 

We continued to Bosu-dong Book Alley, where I wanted to visit long time ago. The book alley has long history even before the Korean war. 

View of the Book Alley in Bosu-dong.

Next to the book alley, we could see mural painting on the way in the village.
Mural painting on one of the house in the village.

Mural painting on one of house wall and the scenery behind.
 Next destination on that day was Busan Tower. Even I have visited the tower many times, I always amazed with the scenery of Busan I could see from the tower. You can see mountain, building, bridge, sea...and get the image of Busan city.

Busan city from Busan Tower
Next on our list was Taejongdae and Yeongdo Deungdae Visit by boat. Many seagulls were following our boat while we were on the boat to Taejeongdae lighthouse. What an experience!

Jagalchi Market was also on the list and we went there for dinner. The market was very happening and people were friendly to us. One of the seller showed us how to cut and slice the fish. He even gave us bonus!

Fish seller at Jagalchi Market
The first day was perfectly done by experiencing Busan Night Tour. We went up to Hwangnyeonsan Mountain to see the breathtaking nigt scenery of Busan. I never know that place before and it was an awesome place to have a glance of Busan at Night. Another place for Busan Night tour was Haeundae Marine City. Haeundae beach looked geourgeous, didn't it?

Geourgeous Haeundae
On second day of tour we were guided to see Nurimaru, BEXCO (with its new auditorium and the new building), Busan Cinema Center, Shinsegae Department Store, Yacht Tour, UN Memorial Cemetery in Korea, and Haedongyeonggungsa Temple.

Busan Cinema Center is a place I like to visit again. The cinema was designed elegantly, as you can see in the picture below. I would love to try watching movie in the cinema.

One of the cinema in Busan Cinema Center

Ice skating ring in Shinsegae Department Store
Last day tour was done by having cultural experiences in Gijang Culture and Etiquette School (Hanbok experience and learning Samulnori), making makgeolli in Geumjeongsansong and meeting with Vice Major of Busan City.

My most unforgettable experience on the tour was the yacht tour. My first time to be on a yacht and touring to see the beautiful view of Haeundae and Gwangalli from the sea. We were served with snacks, fruits, bread, wine, and also BBQ! I did fishing, too.

The yacht experience program is offered to public and private charter program. It can be used or small-sized conventions such as meeting, presentation or even wedding proposal! Uh-hm...sound interesting? Come and enjoy it, only in Busan!

Me, enjoying yacht tour with Haeundae as the background ^^

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