Friday, March 16, 2007


i don't realize that it has been some time since my last posting to this blog. exactly a month!!!
am i so lazy? am i not capable to maintain this blog?

maybe yes. maybe no.

this is my first time having a blog. even sometimes i forget if i HAVE a blog! so funny... that's because i don't have a good commitment, not spare a special time to write, at least once in a week, or once in a month (hehehe ^^ ).

i'm really really busy...for my study especially for the papers, group assignments and exam preparation. i haven't prepare myself for exam. that makes me worried.

i just feel that time is really fast. i'm now already in week 9 in my course. my study will be almost complete in the end of April.

so what's next in my life? i don't know. really don't know.

am i lazy?
for not updating this blog?
for not finishing the assignments quickly?
for not preparing my future life?

what i need is a proper time management. and maybe additional time...but it won't be happen for sure.

time is asset.
time is opportunity.
i am not lazy, i think. sometimes maybe. (hehehe) but what i want to do is to make every time meaningful, to use it wisely.

i hope that i can be wiser, from now on...when i realized ... again...
"the meaning of time..."

1 comment:

  1. keep on fire hon...u're not lazy...
    just so many things to do i think..
    come on...