Friday, February 16, 2007

...long distance relationship???...(part 3-the end)

Living far away from the person we're used to live with is not easy. It is true! It works in me although I know that I am the kind of person who won't give up for everything, the person who will struggle to reach the focus I dream on.

When I was in the college, I always found so many people give hands to help me, give heart and ears to listen to me, give hugs when I was sad. It's not so easy like that when I move to continue my study in Singapore eventhough I have dear flatmates who are so nice to me. There's something missing...

Realizing that I would be on a long distance relationship made me think about it hundred times. San and I tried to refer to some friends who is able to go through out the range of time and distance between the couples. They had variative cases and I believe that many problems they faced.

* a couple with more than two years LDR, but still in in the same country, happy ending
* a couple with more than four years LDR, also in the same country, happy ending
* a couple with more than seven years LDR, in the different country, happy ending

We knew some couples didn't experience a happy ending though, but trying to think positively, we learn about how the success couple went through the problems arise from the distance itself. San came out with the conclusion that 'communication' and 'trust' are the solution. We are very lucky that we have our own notebooks, internet connection at home *thanks to StarHub and Speedy!!!*, YM, Skype, GoggleTalk, email, cheap calling card, handphone *thanks to XL that can receive email from YM...hehehe*. There's no barrier anymore for communication and it won't be a problem anymore. Moreover, trust can be built from a very good communication between each other.

The essential point above all of this is that 'to believe our Father in heaven'. He is the one who permit and plan us to be separated by the ocean. He has a purpose in doing that and we just couldn't go beyond our mind to understand what He wants. Giving Him all our burdens will help us to calm ourselves to enjoying His patience and love everytime. He is here with us, everytime, not just when we need Him. He won't let us alone. He is in our heart.

Whenever you feel lonely, close your eyes...
put your hand on your heart...and you will find me...
inside your heart...

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  1. yes, honey,
    always trust, understand and obey
    God's way.......

    i miss u so much actually...
    but i always have strength to remember u and waiting for u

    jia you hon2 :*