Sunday, June 24, 2007

use it to the fullest!

we often waste our time and money.

i feel like that.

i have a 'can be called' high end notebook but i haven't use it to the fullest. so what's the meaning of having a high tech machine like that?

i have a 'can be called' multi features handphone but i never use all the features, i just use it for phone and sms only.

i have a good MP3 player and recorder, but after finish my study i never use it to the fullest, i just use the 1 GB memory to share files between office and my laptop.

i have a great digital camera at its time. I think just this technology that i think very helpful for me, brothers and family.

so...please think and think and think before you buy something that require a bulk of dollars from your pocket but you won't use it to the fullest.

1 comment:

  1. i'll always use it to the fullest...
    here is my motto, i'll buy the new one till the oldest on the fullest..hoho...
    do ur best to the fullest too