Saturday, July 21, 2007


i just joined the convocation on july 10, 2007 in NUS. it's a nice event (in term of meeting your classmates and taking pictures) but not as warm as the convocation in indonesia. here, the graduates don't have a tradition to use their national costumes (especially for women, for men usually they can use formal suits as usual). i thought that is the culture of convocation in singaore, as i wonder whether they have their own national costumes or not. from a singaporean friend, i knew that they don't have such a national costume, but they have chinese suits, indian suits and malay suits. it's not like a festive convocation i had in Petra, where the girls and moms dressed nicely, prepare hairdo and make up.
when i came to the university hall, the place where the convocation was held, i thought i am the one who use traditional costume on that event, until i saw some of myanmar friends also use their national costume.

by the way, it's a lovely night to be spent with family and friends, especially my family who always be my supporters in every condition.
some of the pics show you who are my supporters who came on my convocation (feel sad that my dad couldn't join us on the convocation, but i plan to buy the academic gown, to take some pictures with the whole family in the end of the year)...^^

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  1. Congrats honey....
    will miss u so much..
    do ur best as God want us to do...
    much muach always for u....