Saturday, July 21, 2007

Selly & Windy's last day

yesterday we held farewell gathering with the team for selly and windy. yesterday is selly's last day, but for windy is on next tuesday. since the days were closely, we wanted to celebrated it together. unfortunately windy didn't feel well, so she left the office after lunch.

i bought canadian pizza and five variable choices from Golden pillow. the celebration was not really cheerful as i was expected, as some of friends seemed not in good mood, few more were not in place (as we delayed the gathering as suddenly my team had an meeting) and few more seemed still busy.

anyway, after the gathering, i talked to selly and hao yauw. we talked a lot about architect, bad working hours, project management and our expectation. i was happy to know that we could pump up hao yauw's mood for his ten days more of joining KLCC competition. those team has been working non-stop even for weekend for one month.

i will miss all these new friends...starting from hangga (whom i don't know him well since he left office on my first week), jing shyan (our technical officer), hoay san (a malay cute girl who is very cheerful), selly (a smart girl!) and windy (who has made us especially indonesian team becoming happier with her gossip, jokes and everything), the next coming will be joanne and hao yauw...

friends come and go, but they will still be in my mind and my heart...

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