Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Power of Jajangmyon & Bokeumbab

Jajangmyeon is a very popular food for everyone in Korea. It is even called as one of Korea national food. Originally, Jajangmyeon is from China (zha jiang mian), therefore you could easily find this menu in every Chinese restaurants in South Korea.

Our attention to Jajangmyeon was grabbed by a Korean drama (I forgot the name of the movie ^^). On the movie, the actress favorite food is jajangmyeon and she eats it anytime she has chance to eat it.

Jajangmyeon is also often called 'black noodle' since the fried sauce is black in color. The sauce is thick but yummy and rich of onion. Don't forget to eat it with radish pickle and kimchi, of course!
I'm drooling right now...

My first ever Jajangmyeon was after a walk at Haeundae beach for seeing International Sand Festival on June, 2009. I longed for Jajangmyeon since I watched the Korean drama and decided to find it nearby Haeundae on the way back home.

We found that on a small restaurant and the price was reasonable even though Haeundae area is tourist district where the price of food could be higher than normal price.

We ordered another dish, bokkeumbab. It is similar to fried rice, but they add kimchi when they cook it. It was served with the same sauce of jajangmyeon. It's delicious, too.

But the most delicious and cheap jajangmyeon I could find is at Seomyeon, the city area. It is at a just-opened-Chinese Restaurant and they gave discount only for jajangmyeon.

Uh-oh...I have to stop writing...baegopayeo (hungry)...

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