Thursday, October 22, 2009

Teacher, I don't like Science...

Yesterday, I went to see my students for giving English tutorial for them. I printed some pictures of the Solar System for discussion. When one of the student saw the picture, he straight away said "Teacher, I don't like Science..." and pulled himself back from the table to show that he was not interested at all in the discussion.

I was curious to know why this fouteen-year youngster doesn't enjoy learning about sun, earth, moon, galaxies, comets, etc...while I enjoyed it so much back in my school days. I was always thinking that it is amazing to learn something that you can reach, touch or step you feet onto. Something that you need a special-expensive-extraordinary equipment to see it clearly.

But this boy made me confuse :(

I raised a question to him calmly, why you don't like Science? This is very interesting to learn about planets...

Still showing his unpleasant mood in his face, he replied, "Teacher, I don't like Science because I don't like the Teacher."

He continued talking about his Science teacher at his boys middle school. The teacher always debates with him and sometimes hits his hands if he is disagree with the teacher.

On the way back home, I was thinking that when I was a student, I seldom felt that I didn't like a subject just because of the teacher. Maybe I felt that without I realized it, but as I remember, I never gave up on learning that subject even though I didn't like the teacher.

Now, I realized that in fact a teacher can be a reason for a student to like or dislike a subject. A teacher can bring a great influence on a student by his attitude and way of teaching. Being a teacher is definitely a difficult and tough job.

God gives every teacher blessings a chance to enter children lifes by nurturing and educating them.

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  1. This is interesting because I think I've mostly heard people talk about how particular teachers got them interested in a subject - not the other way around. I think you're right about how we might not realize it!