Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Study and Generation Gap

I always agree that we have to study all the time through out our life. 

Some people think that after graduated from High School or University they can stop study. 

Study is not only the matter of academic study where you are required to sit in the class, listen to teachers and do exam. Study can be anywhere and anytime. It doesn't need you to go to school or do your homework to get good point or score.

What I mean with study here is to update yourself with any new information, technology, method, design or any news around the world. Listening to radio, watching television, reading newspaper both online or hard-copy, browsing internet, attending seminar or training can be several ways to equip yourself to aware with today's world.

San and I were discussing about this subject when we were having dinner yesterday. He noticed that many parents stopped 'studying' and just focus on their job which cause them not aware with their children's world and their way of thinking. It is so called 'generation gap'. 

Parents don't want to know about new technology such as internet, blackberry, online-game, facebook, blog, etc, which are popular these days. Parents are far behind in their knowledge of new scientist invention or medical research. 

San told me about his professor who always read the latest published books and share to his students. He can just share any famous books he has read that were written by famous author in the past 5, 10 or 20 years. The content of those good books might be relevant on those era, but not exactly for today's era. So, it will be great if he can share a new book which is relevant for today's situation. That's why he doesn't stop reading.

We were reminded to keep studying since we are going to be parents. We have to equip ourself and aware of any changes in the world. Our child's world will be different from ours, that's why we have to reduce the generation gap to be able to understand our child better. 

Let's study!

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