Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beautiful May!

What can I say...

The best place in my life is home...
Having traveled for almost 36 hours from Busan - Incheon - Denpasar - Surabaya - Bojonegoro definitely made me tired. But, when my father and mother hugged me, I could feel no pain anymore...

They treated me like I am a princess. I could eat whatever I wanted to eat. Even though I didn't request for a certain food, but my mom provided those food for me. Everyday, I tried different kind of food, and drinks, and snacks...yey!

Mom and I hunted for several baby needs. She sewed and crochetted some clothes for my baby, too! Awesome! I wish I could crochet just like my mom.

Will show you what my mom successfully crochetted for my baby when I got my camera back.

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