Thursday, July 8, 2010


I got a big big big surprise...Honestly, I cried when I read my name on the list of KGSP (Korean Government Scholarship Program) 2010. So, San were busy to calm me down. He said that normally people would shout and smile when they received a scholarship, but why I cried...

Initially, it wasn't my own idea or interest to apply for the scholarship since I am expecting a baby and thinking that taking care a baby will be heavy and busy enough for me. The school will start on September 1, 2010 and my due date is September 11, 2010.

Well, I never thought about that scholarship until one day, my Korean teacher called me and said that a university is willing to recommend me as a scholarship recipient for KGSP 2010. He, with his own initiative, has brought my canceled application for Korean Language Course in another university (because of financial matter) to that university. Then the staff called me requesting me to complete the apllication only within two weeks.

It totally changed my whole plan! I have bought flight ticket to return to Indonesia, arranged domestic flights for my family trip in Korea and dreamed to deliver the baby in Indonesia with my mom & family around me and...will not come back to Korea anymore.

It might have been the toughest days in my life when San and I had to discussed and prayed for the suddened offer. The road in front of us is uncertain...I may get it or I may not get it. If I choose to stay in Korea, but I couldn't get the scholarship; it would be hard for us financially.

One reason that drove us to make this decision was that it is wiser to stay together as a family. If I go to Indonesia, San would not be able to see, touch and talk with the baby. San's professor reminded us that even though a baby can't exactly remember the face or voice of the parents, but baby can feel the existence of her parents.

My mom, I know that she got dissapointed and worried so much when I told her that I will deliver the baby in Busan, without her besides me. Still she could say like this "If the father (San) said that he doesn't want to be far away from his baby, I believe he will be responsible for you and the baby".

It reminded me straight away to our Father in heaven. If this is His way, and He wants me to pass through it, He will guide, help and strengthen me. He will be responsible for my baby and my family.

Please pray for me and my family.

"Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me"
Psalm 54:4

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  1. Wow Dita! Congrats for the scholarship. What are you going to major in? When does it start?

    I hope for the best for you. I am proud of you and support whatever choice you make.