Friday, June 3, 2011

말하기 대회 - 대상 ^^

대상! ^0^ Thanks God for His blessing. Thanks for Agus Susanto who helped me typing in hangeul. Thanks for Teachers & Friends. This prize is for Dad Hariyanto Utomo and Mom! Happy birthday to you!

I joined a speech contest at school. At the beginning, I have no target to win the prize. I just wanted to participate and take some pictures of me on stage so I can have a memory as a speech contest participant. Also, as I am the only student who have been studying Korean less than a year, what can I expect? I thought that the other students in my class would be better than me.
Nothing to lose.
I chose the topic of "Loving A Country" and started writing a script about my own experience in loving my country, Indonesia. Then I decided to wear my country traditional cloth, Kebaya as it was matched with the content of my speech.
After the judges meeting, the teacher announced the 3rd, 2nd and 1st winners. She didn't mention my name. So, I thought that it was over. Surprisingly, there was still one more prize left, the Grand Prize! And I heard my name called!

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