Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dear Papa...(from JoSH)

Dear Papa,

Today is your birthday! Happy birthday, Papa.
It's my first time celebrating your birthday and I feel sooooo happy!

How do you feel, Papa?

I feel so blessed to have you as my father. I knew you before I met you, Papa. Don't you believe it? When I was in Mama's tummy, I could hear your voice reading Bible verses or singing "Jesus Loves Me" or just talking with me telling about your days.

Do you still remember when you visited me at Baby's Room in the hospital the next morning after I was born? The nurse showed me to you through the window. I was crying a lot and suddenly I stopped crying because I heard you called my name. Nurse said that it is soundproof glass window, but amazingly I could hear you.

I still remember when Mama and you came to visit me. Oh, your hands are so big and strong, oh...they were also warm. I felt safe in your arms!

You told me that Mama could not breastfeed me because of the medicine she had to eat after the C-section. So, nurse prepared milk on a bottle instead. You know Papa, I always waiting for the milk drinking time which was every 3 hours. Because I knew I could meet you and Mama!

You also always very helpful to Mama. After she breastfeeded me, you would help her to make me burp. It was so difficult at that time. Many times I failed to burp and make your clothes dirty. However, you still said that you loves me, Papa.

Everyday, Mama went to school for studying. So there was just two of us at home, Papa. There was time when both of us felt bored and you came out with a very good idea. Let's pick Mama up!

So we went off to Mama's campus up on the mountain. The road is steep, so you made sure that I sat properly and seatbelt was fasten well.

On Sunday, three of us went to Baby Sunday School at a Korean Church. I love being there, Papa. You always teach me to pray and thank Jesus for everything. You read for me verses from Bible and told me that Jesus loves me.

People said that our eyes are similar. Do you think so? Your eyes are very beautiful, Papa. Besides that, I want to be strong like you, Papa. Your shoulder is so strong to carry me on your back. Until now, I still could not stand and walk properly, Papa. Thank you for holding me strong.

Papa, you know that I love seeing ducks on the lake in Mama's campus. I know it is not easy to bring me outside to see the ducks. But you did it. You put warm clothes, hat and socks and I was ready to go! Yes...with you!

Everything in this world are new for me. I learn from the very simple one. Giving smiles to you and Mama, hold something with my hands, eating, using my fingers, etc. The most exciting things I learnt is how to master walking! We don't have baby walker just like other babies, but I have your strong hands to hold me and guide me!

Papa...there were times when I cried a lot, woke you up at night or made you worried because of I was sick. But here were many times when we laughed together, spending happy times and enjoyed our father-son bonding time. I want to say that I love everytime with you. The happy and sad times.

I may not be able to record every single event we did together, but one thing that I will always feel.

I love you, Papa.



  1. Super DADDY !!!!

  2. Thank you RAB. All is possible because of God's love.

  3. What an inspiring figure you are, ko san.. Kak dita juga.. Happy anniversary for both of you ya.. GBU

  4. Dear Nina, thank you so much for remembering our big day. God is good all the time. All the time God is good. GBU too.