Monday, June 18, 2012

[Korea] Yeosu Expo 2012 - 10 Tips for You!

After visiting Yeosu Expo 2012 for two days, I tried to evaluate my journey and thought about what people should prepare or do in Yeosu Expo. I wrote down the list based on my experience and opinion hoping that you can read it before you come to Yeosu for a better trip :)

1. Prepare your transportation to and from Yeosu. 
Many people make their trip to Yeosu Expo and you should plan how to go to Yeosu and how to go from there. Whether you want to use train, bus, flight or ferry to and from Yeosu, you better purchase your tickets long before the visit date to secure seats for you, especially if you go in groups.

The Expo Gate near KTX Station 
I almost didn't get a KTX ticket from Seoul to Yeosu because all tickets were sold out. I almost had to took Mugunghwa Train which would took longer journey than KTX and had to wake up too early to board the train. Luckily, our tour guide managed to get one for me :)

More info: Transportation

2. Get yourself a map of Yeosu Expo
The expo area is huge! In order to be able to plan your visit to the Expo, I suggest you have an Expo map or brochure with you. You can see the overall pavilions and decide which one you want to see. The map will also help you to find direction to your next destination. Map is available at the Information Desk of the Expo.

More info: Expo Map

Expo Map
International Pavilion Map
3. Long queue for Lunch or Dinner?
There are many restaurants in the Expo but the queue can be very long on lunch or dinner time. I saw some people brought their own meal and had their lunch on the bench. It would save them time to see more exhibition. So, the choices are: 1) try avoid lunch or dinner time if you don't want to wait for a long time, 2) take-away food (ex. hot-dog, burgers), 3) bring your own meal, 4) join the queue ^^

More info: Restaurant

Queue at restaurant
4. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes!
It is summer and it can be hot all day long or rainy whole day, so being casual will be more comfortable and make sure you wear your comfortable shoes because you may walk a lot on the Expo.

5. Weather forecast:  rainy day or sunny day?
I would suggest you to check the weather forecast one day before you go to Expo to know whether it will be hot day or rainy day. Then be prepared with umbrella or raincoat if it is rain, or sunglasses and hat if it is hot. However, Thea and Anna checked the forecast before we went to Expo, it was supposed to be no rain, but it was raining all day long. Anyway, you can buy umbrella, raincoat or hat in the stores in Expo depends on your needs.

Expo on rainy day

6. Bring your children to Expo?
I saw many family with children came to Expo. Expo provides many attractions, performances and exhibition which are good for children. However, for young children or babies, you may have to prepare baby carriage so that they can sleep or take a rest well enough while they are in the Expo.

7. Which pavilion to see?
You are offered with many options of pavilions range from International Pavilion, Corporate Pavilion, Aquarium, etc. If you want to see all of the pavilions, you may have to stay for few days in Yeosu. One day is just not enough. However, if you only come for one-day visit, I suggest you see the official website of Yeosu Expo to read the Expo Preview so you can decide which one you want to see.

More info: Expo Preview

Many interesting pavilions to see

8. Main performances not to be missed out.
As you click the link below for Cultural and Art Events, you will find many performances to see. Big-O Show is the main performance in the Expo but I missed it out :( Make sure you see the show! Also, every weekend, there are K-Pop performances for Expo Pop Festival.

More info: Cultural and Art Events

Expo Pop Festival - That was Rain on the stage!

9. Enjoy countries performances!
In International Pavilion, some countries offer  their traditional culture performances in the pavilion or outside their country pavilion building. Enjoy seeing the performances, and you will see the richness of world culture!

10. Buy yourself a Yeosu Expo Passport.
When we entered the Expo gate, Suzy said that she wanted to buy an Expo passport at the souvenir shop and collect stamps from each pavilion. We bought the passports, too :) It turned to be a very exciting thing I had in Expo, which made me enthusiast to visit pavilions and look for their unique stamps. The passport is the record of pavilions I ever visited and my treasured souvenir.^^

Expo Passport and Stamp Corner

Hope you have a pleasant visit to Yeosu Expo 2012, as I did.

PS. If you have visited the Expo and have some more tips to add, please write comment below. It would help other visitors. Thank you :)


  1. one thing I regretted on my visit to yeosu expo was the passport book. I didn`t realize about the passport book until I visited several pavilions and started to pay attention to the stamp in each pavilions. I feel like I want to go back there again just to get stamps for the passport book :)
    I went there with big groups therefore only have limited time. So my friends and I decided not to go to the Aquarium~even though everyone said its the best think in yeosu expo~ because we know we wont have enough time to visit the pavilions if we choose to join the queue for the aquarium. And we never regretted it because we thought that visiting the international pavilions is more important than the aquarium..

  2. Tomorrow I'll be attempting an ill planned trip from Pohang to Yeosu (via bus through Busan) before I leave Korea later this week, if possible I'd like to get confirmation that you can buy tickets at the gate (since I don't have a Korean credit card to purchase online)

  3. what about ticket costs?

  4. Hello, Thanks for reading and leaving comments here ^^

    For ticket costs you can refer to interpark site:

    Pohang to Yeosu is a long journey to go. I hope you can enjoy Yeosu Expo before you leave Korea. It should be possible to buy tickets at the gate, but nobody can confirm you if the tickets are sold out. Still, the safest way is to buy it online either on the Yeosu official website or interpark (see the link above).

    Defri, yes...I was lucky I got to know about the passport. When I was busy stamping it, many people often asked questions 'why do you stamp on your passport?' or 'where do you get the note book?'. My husband continued using my passport book on his trip to Yeosu yesterday, and our passport has no empty pages anymore! ^^

  5. Well I decided to forgo the little bit of planning I did do and took off for the bus terminal a few hours after posting. Only real ticket challenge was the bus back to Pohang from Busan, standing room only.

  6. As a worker of International Pavilion, Yeosu Expo, I strongly recommend not to wait for the Aquarium. All our workers don't recommend Aquarium to our friends. Never. It's not only takes to much time for waiting(longest waiting time-about 2hrs), but also worthless to see inside cuz it takes only 10-15min. you'd better watch other pavilions within that time.

    The Sky Tower is quite recommendable, as u can get a free mug at the end of its tour.

    In my opinion, private company pavilions are really nice, like Lotte, Sk telecome. Was really interesting.

    If u visit expo with children, u must visit Energy Park. it's kinda hidden area of our expo. not so many people there but it is fun!

    And as the first person recommend, get an expo passport and get stamps from each pavilion(in case of international pavilion, each country)!!! everyday so many people ask me that are those stamps and where can they buy it. it is one of expo fun bit! _ Joint pavilions got 10~16 stamps each! don't miss it!!

  7. Hello, thank you for your suggestion.
    I agree with you not to queue for Aquarium. The waiting time is too long.

    Sky Tower is good ^^ I heard the pipe organ was played and also got the mug, as you said. I also agree about the private company pavilions. I visited Lotte, Samsung, Hyundai.

    Once more, thanks again for your comment. It is really appreciated.

    I would recommend