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Children's Day in Korea and Indonesia

May 5th, is Children's Day in Korea. It is a national holiday so if it is on weekday, parents don't go to work so they can bring their children to go out and spend time with them. In Korea, many cities will celebrate the event on Children's Day in festivals or performances. Besides that, zoo, museums, amusement parks offers special discounts or free admission for children.

Children's Day Celebration at Seoul Children's Library
Children in all ages in Korea are waiting for this event because the will receive presents or money from their parents on that day. If you go to supermarket, bookshops or toys stores, you will see many toys, clothes or children's book are displayed for parents and children, for them to easily choose the gifts for the children.

Historically, the Children's Day was founded in 1923 by Bang Jung-hwan, a Korean children's writer and storyteller. Originally it was celebrated on May 1st, but then was re-established on May 5, 1946 after the occupation of Japanese. The Children's Day aimed to highlight the importance of children for the nation, their need of love and care, and in the same time also to honor parents and those who contribute in raising and improving the children's lives. Bang Jung-hwan wrote " Children are the heroes of tomorrow. May they grow to be gentle, vigorous, and wise."

Bang Jung-hwan

In Indonesia, Children's Day is celebrated every July 23rd. It is not a national holiday but usually it is marked  in the calendar to note that it is a special day. Also, there is no celebration such as parents give present to their children like in Korea, but children has many activities such as traditional games, drawing competition  or ceremony at school like what I used to have in my childhood.

Balap Karung, a traditional game played on Children's Day in Indonesia

Drawing competition held on Children's Day in Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia
Back in my childhood, the ceremony on Children's Day in my hometown was held not at school but in the city's square participated by all of kindergarten and elementary school students. We wore school uniforms and cone hat decorated with colorful papers which was made specially for the day. My mom and her staffs would be busy prior to the celebration of the day because she received many orders of the cone hats for the ceremony. I were busy helping her, too. What a unforgettable memory! How about Children's Day celebration in your country?

My mother, brother and I were getting ready to go to Children's Day ceremony.
Happy Children's Day to all children in Korea! ^^

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