Monday, April 16, 2012

Do you love me?

This morning I had a very lovely conversation with Joshua Songmin:

Mama : Do you love me?
JoSH   : Yes!
Mama : (melted and hugged him straight away)

JoSH is still 19 months old but somehow I feel that he grown up faster than his age. Looking back on videos and pictures of him taken last year, he was a very young baby, just started to eat solid food. But one year after, he is a little man who can express his feeling. Time flies! Now, he can answer questions, he can react to our requests or instructions. He is so independent he wants to hold on his spoon and plate and feeds himself. He even helps us doing laundry or using vacuum cleaner to clean the floor. He kisses our cheeks and hugs when he want to show his love to my husband and I. 

JoSH is smart. But that's not the most important about him. As JoSH parents, the biggest responsibility is to bring him knowing Jesus Christ who loves him even bigger than us, the parents. 

I love you, my son! Jesus loves you, too.

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