Friday, February 9, 2007

...long distance relationship???...(part 2)

Just a few minutes after finishing writing the part 1 -and honestly, I didn't plan that I will write the part 2 today- I read the online Our Daily Bread as usual, and this sentences below is there:

...Do you find yourself in a "wilderness" experience, isolated from friends and family? If so, the Lord may want to teach you lessons of faith and endurance that you could never learn in a busy crowd...

I am now isolated from beloved friends and family and boyfriend. Soooooo amazzzzinggg that I found the answer so fast. It is a wonderful experience. What will I write in the part 2 actually still mess up in my mind. But the passage I read in ODB give me the solution and conclusion about what I shall learn in this new life in Singapore.

I really want to experience the lessons of faith and endurance from God. I believe that it will complete me to be a wonderful woman loved by God.

Thanks God for today.

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