Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mayo Diet

Today is our 2nd day of Mayo Diet. It was introduced by my auntie when she knew that my dad went through unhealthy diet. Dad consumed mostly fruits, small portion of rice and no meat. He felt dizzy and sleepy throughout the day and night.

Auntie suggested me to accompany him using Mayo Diet. She has gone through the diet and lose 3 kgs in a week. In this 13-days of diet, we must follow the diet list which prohibit us to consume salt and cold water. The last dinner must be at 6 pm. If you forget to follow the rules, you have to start from day-1 again.
So, three of us -Dad, brother and me- has been on diet since yesterday!

So far, Dad and I can deal with it. Dion can't stand with the vegetables, since he seldom eat greenish ^^. But he prefers this kind of diet rather than detox juice diet that we ever tried a month ago.

Will keep update you with the progress. If you are interested, let me know! I'll post the list next time.

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