Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is coming

This week is a nice week for me along in Busan. Actually today is completely a month passed by since my arrival in Korea. My feeling is so great today because of two things : Dita's visa is approved by the Embassy and spring season is coming. The two things come up together and make me feel "WONDERFUL" :) Since I want to tell you the story about Dita's visa in a separated posting, now I want to share about how I enjoy this spring season.

As you know, Korea has sub tropical climate with four different season.
- Spring (Mar - Jun),
- Summer (Jul - Aug),
- Autumn (Sep - Nov), and
- Winter (Dec-Feb).
When I came in the middle of February, I felt freezing....brrrrrr. It was because I come from a tropical country that only has two season : Dry (Apr-Sept) and Wet (Oct-Mar).

Now, I realize that through my country Indonesia, God has given me so many blessing. The temperature throughout the year is very good, although sometimes there was natural disaster happened.

So, this is the first time when I can wear short pants and t-shirt only (in my bedroom...hehe). I mean when I go outside, I no need to wear until four or five clothes together anymore. Two is enough. The temperature is around 15-20 degrees centigrade now. It's great, isn't it?

Then I tried to think and compare between climate condition in a country and how a country developed themselves. I assume that a country in a "good" condition doesn't mean that the country also a developed country. For example, countries in the equator which have "good" nature condition such as : Indonesia, Gabon, Kongo, Maldives, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Kiribati, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador; have they already been highly developed country? But then you will ask me and think reversely : Not every countries in another part of the world have been already highly developed! Yeah, I know it either. I just want to share and dream (and try to make it happen).... When will my beloved country Indonesia become a fully developed nation....

Well, back to study and work hard then -as many as prayer to God of course-....
Jia you!!!

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