Friday, March 20, 2009

Diet Mayo - update 1

Hey, a quick update for the Diet Mayo.

It's day-4 in our Diet far we're fine and healthy because we never skipped breakfast, lunch and dinner. The diet list gives us the list of food that we have to eat, such as potato, tomato, non-fat milk, meat, chicken, tea+sugar, etc. In the end of diet, we will lost 6-8 kgs with a healthy body, since it has measure everything that we need to consume for a day.

Sometimes we felt hungry in the middle of meal times, but we could eat fruits and drink. Not to left any food on your plate is a very important tip for this diet. Consume all and you won't feel too hungry until the next meal time.

Dad lost 2 kgs.
Dion lost 2.2 kgs.
I lost 2.5 kgs.

Diet is still going on...


  1. Great job....ttp semangat...

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