Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good news!

Yesterday I got a very good news from San. I was sleeping on the way back to hometown from Surabaya -which is two hours from Surabaya- when the phone rang and I heard his voice.

I was in Surabaya since Friday. My brother, Diyas was hospitalized suspected dengue fever, but it's not. The nurse told us that that's because of a virus. I'm not so sure about the detail, since the doctor didn't explain to much.

On Saturday, a friend called and informed me a vacancy, an urgent one! I was tempted to give myself a try. Why not, I thought. I didn't apply for the job and it came to me. I have been waiting for visa for almost two months, three months plus the documents preparation yet still didn't get it. I was worried a lot since the Embassy requested another documents after San had faxed the Alien Card which they requested before. It seemed tiring, I believe it's not only for me but also for San.

So, I went for interview and told the interviewer frankly my situation. Shortly, he wanted to wait for me. If I didn't get my visa, then we would continue to discuss about the job.

But, the afternoon news changed it all! I got my visa!

Thanks God for the visa. Thanks to San who never gives up. And thanks for everyone who took part in helping San preparing all documents for visa. It was a miracle. Promise that San will write the story behind the application, indeed it's a miracle!

I will leave Indonesia in 3 weeks time!

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