Friday, December 24, 2010

Onara Onara...

Our Korean class chose Dae Jang Geum soundtrack to be presented at the Christmas Celebration. Six Chinese students were the dancers while Altaf (my Pakistan classmate) and I were the singers. In order to be match with the song, all of us wore "Hanbok" which is the Korean traditional costume. Personally, I had been waiting for a long time to wear Hanbok, and this was the right time.

My Hanbok color is not as that colorful as the others. My friends chose the costumes first and the one that I had is the rest that the Korean Language Institute has. I don't mind with that.

The lyrics for Dae Jang Geum soundtrack is not difficult, but it is not the daily Korean language. The language in the song is not used anymore presently.

Here is what I found about the song (taken from Wikipedia):
"Onara" (Korean: 오나라) is the theme song to the popular Korean television drama series Dae Jang Geum (2003). Im Se-hyeon (임세현 / 林世賢) composed the song in archaic Korean, and the lyrics are unintelligible to most Koreans today.

And the lyric:
오나라 오나라 아주 오나
가나라 가나라 아주 가나
나나니 다려도 못 노나니
아니리 아니리 아니 노네

헤이야 디이야 헤이야나 라니노
오지도 못하나 다려가마
헤이야 디이야 헤이야나 라니노
오지도 못하나 다려가마

And also the pictures!

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