Saturday, January 8, 2011

New year at the hospital

Facebook status:
29 des: appa gom, omma gom, agi gomi da appayo...otohke...TT TT TT...
(translation: father bear, mother bear, child bear are TT TT...)

Following my facebook status on Dec 29, on New Year's Eve Joshua was starting to get fever. I realized it nearly at midnight and quickly trying to low his body temperature. But his temperature was going up and down until 4.30am, then I decided to bring him to hospital.

We faced an unforgettable experience exactly at New Year 20110101 at the hospital. I cried and feel so sad to see him lying on the hospital bed. He was so cranky on the first day but he could smile on the next days. He cried and refused everytime we gave him the medicine.

Joshua Songmin, we pray that you will stay healthy. God, please hear our prayer.

PS. We heard that many friends prayed for Joshua Songmin. From the deep of our heart, we want to say thank you for keep Joshua in your prayers. Thank you for your care and love.

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