Thursday, January 20, 2011

Susanto: my great chef

Facebook status:
day 3: This afternoon, I dreamt about Susanto joining a cooking competition and he asked me helping him to cook the rice. Strange but a funny dream ^^

I think I dreamt about San joining a cooking competition is because of since we moved to the new house (one month before Joshua was born) he practiced a lot of cooking. He was preparing himself to cook because I couldn't move freely with my pregnancy and I would be busy taking after the baby soon after he was born.

His progress is amazing for such an amateur like him. Two years ago he only can cook instant noodle (with his own preferance - he doesn't like to add the soy sauce and chili sauce), then my mom taught him how to cook egg. Now, he can follow what the recipe says and even make his own recipe.

So, I proudly introduce to you, My Superchef!


  1. One remarkable family you guys are :) I wish there were many more like yours :) With love from Warsaw :) Aga

  2. Hi Aga! Thank you so much for visiting this blog and read the stories. :) Love from three of us, San,Dita & JoSH