Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chef Susanto and His Masterpieces

First product from our oven. Milk Tart ^^ (Got the recipe from Grace).
I had wanted to buy oven since a long time ago but we also wants to save money. Buying oven is not our priority. Therefore, we took a long time to consider buying it. 

After moving to the new house, the desire of having oven for making cookies and cake appeared again. San looked for second oven rather than the new one. The price would be much cheaper. 

Another batch of Milk Tart. It's so easy to make it!
We tried to find it online at Koreabridge. I knew this website since 2009 and we found lots of good offers in it. This is a website for foreigners living in Korea. You can find new friends, language exchange buddies, buying or looking for something, restaurants or cafe reviews and many more. 

Banana Cake & Chocholate Chips
San found the oven with a relatively cheap price and it was in good condition. The owner was male English teacher and rarely used it. San bought the oven just a few days before my birthday, thus it was my birthday gift!

Banana Soft Cookies

Pizza Toast for a yummy breakfast!
Apparently, San uses the oven more often than me. He really likes to make cake or cookies. Ask him if he could do it 3 or 4 years ago before married to me...hehehe...^^ My brother, Diar and I have influenced him a lot :)

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