Friday, October 28, 2011

Introduce Reading Habit to Baby

Joshua's books and his study table

I have been reading book for Joshua since he was 3 months old. Before that I made up my own story for him. I would tell him my own version of three pigs, or cat & dogs, or baloons seller, or frog prince, or anything came up  into my mind.

Since he turned 3 months old, I have been borrowing English books from Busan English Library (BEL). BEL was opened not long after I arrived in Busan in 2009. I had tried to go to some libraries to find English books to read, but I hardly found it. So, when I heard about BEL, I was extremely happy!
(BEL is located near Lotte Department Store in Seomyeon. If you take subway, stop at Buam Station.)

The orange corner of Busan English Library. Visit the website and learn more about it. 

At the same location with BEL, you can also find Global Village. It is the place where student can learn English in a place situated just like a real condition such as airport, cafe, etc. The place offers many activities for students especially during school vacation.

Other than English books, I also borrow Korean books for Joshua. Usually I borrow the books from MCC (Migrants Multicultural Center). While I am reading the Korean books to Joshua, I am studying Korean, too ^^.

People asked me if Joshua can read books or understand it if I read them to him. When I did story-telling to him without books, he paid attention and listened to me. When I read book to him, he also looks at the book. He may not understand the story as we understand it, but the main point is to build a reading habit to him. 

Joshua is getting bigger and bigger. He can flip the pages by himself, even when I haven't finished reading the page to him. However, I can say that he loves book. He often looks for his books and reads it by himself, when we are busy doing other things. He knows where we keep his books. He can spend his time and enjoy reading. 

Lately, he told me story about the book he was reading. His pronounciation was not clear though, but he was enthusiastically pointing in the picture on the book and telling me a story. So cute!

I hope that he will always love reading. ^^

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