Tuesday, October 25, 2011

JoSH & toilet training

Joshua started his toilet training since his first birthday last September.

I bought him baby potty seat, the one that we can put on top of adult toilet, not the potty chair (which we have to clean after). I am agree with other parents idea that this type of baby potty seat is practical, we just need to flush it.

Together with the baby potty seat, I gave him baby bathroom plastic sandal. Bathroom floor is wet and cold during fall and winter. He enjoy wears his own bathroom sandals, since he always gave big attention to ours ^^.

Teaching him toilet training is not easy. We failed many times though but it is the journey of training.

Just before I started with Joshua's toilet training program, I am blessed to read a posting by Natalia Setiadi. You can read her experience with her little one here. She mentioned clearly about the principal things to encourage our child even when he fails to tell us that he wants to pee or poop.

Today, Joshua could clearly told me what he wanted. He eagerly looked for me and called 'Mama' many times...so loud. I asked him why he called me. He pointed to bathroom and hold his tummy saying 'oop...oop..'

He still couldn't say pee or poop clearly but I am able to understand what he wants after several times. Usually he was late in telling me, or I didn't get what he was talking about. So, he did it half way on his diapers before I put him on his baby potty seat. Most of the time, I showed his dirty diapers to him, explaining that he should tell me earlier before the urge to pup comes.

After getting his signal, I rushed him to the toilet and he did it perfectly! I showed his diaper to him and we clapped together.

Both of us were so happy!

The toilet training journey is to be continued.
Joshua is a fast learner, and we are happy teachers ^^

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