Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Conversations with JoSH

JoSH (J)    : Mama...
Mama (M) : Yes...
J                : 됐다! (showing me his empty milk bottle...)
Before going to Indonesia for vacation he said 'finished'; while in Indonesia for a month, he said 'habis'...but after two weeks back in Korea, he said '됐다'...

Showing him Jiajia's pictures on facebook...
M : Do you want to see Jiajia?
J   : Yes!
M : (smiling)

M : Let's pray together...
J   : 앉아? (Sit down?)
M : Yes.
J   : OK...
M : ...dalam nama Tuhan Yesus, kami berdoa...(in the name of Jesus, we pray)
J   : AMIN...(Amen)


  1. How smart he is... :)

  2. Hehe..thanks :) He is super cute. I always smile when he starts talking. Many times, I still couldn't understand what he's talking about when he talk in long sentences as if telling a story. But in short conversation I can understand him well :)