Tuesday, April 10, 2012

[Korea] Korean Cookbook - Translated in 10 Languages

When I saw Korea Tourism Organization's Facebook page, I jumped happily!
They posted about a new released book of Korean Family Foods, and it is translated in 10 languages: English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Thai, Filipino, and Indonesian. Oh, yes! Learning to cook Korean food will be so much more easier for foreigners.

The English version

The Indonesian version

The book was published by The Community Service Group of Daewoo Securities Co., Ltd. to introduce many kinds of food usually found in the table of Korean family. I believe this book will help many people around the world to learn and make their homemade Korean food. 

Kimchi recipe

The book consists of many types of Korean food ranging from kimchi, side-dishes (banchan), steamed vegetables (namul), soup (jigae), special food (such as bulgogi, samgyetang, galbi jjim) and snack (gansik). 
Beside that, this book also provide the readers with Korean culture of cooking, tips on how to make delicious soup stock, choosing right cooking utensils and tips on buying the ingredients.

I checked the book in Kyobo Bookstore website and found that the price is not too expensive, 12,000 won. And...I have sent to my husband the link of the book in Kyobo website, asking him to buy it for me ^^ Can't wait to serve Korean family food for my little family!



  1. I might have to buy this one too. Thanks for sharing the info! :)

  2. Last time I was at the immigration office, they were giving away free cook books in many different languages... All the English ones were gone, but there were still ones in other south east asian languages. Next time you're in immigration, see if they have any in your language!

  3. Hi!
    Thanks Johanne & Jo-Anna for reading.

    Thanks also for the info, Jo-Anna. I went to immigration office in Busan for few times, but never found free cook books. But, I hope that they will start distributing it. I would be very happy ^^

  4. First time here...u have nice space and really inspirational stuff... I'll be back soon.


  5. Hello.. Do you know where can I buy this book, in Indonesia? Thanks