Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The 4th Global Academy 2010

It's fun to take part in any events in Busan. As foreigners, we love and enjoy any activities where we can meet Korean and other foreigners as well. This event is a preparatory for IPCC that will be held in Busan on October, 2010. The theme is "Save the Earth, 4U & Me".

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San and I were eagerly join for the speech contest. We had to speak in English for 8 minutes to present our idea about Save the Earth and Global Governance. This is San's first experience to speak in front of public in English for a competition. I could see that he is nervous yet excited about the contest.

Unfortunately, no 1st winner for foreigners since the judges thought that the speech content of the foreigners were not balance enough compared to the Korean 1st winner. So I ended up being the 3rd winner. San didn't got the prize but it was an unforgetable experience for him ^^.

To see the video clip, click the link below and choose No. 29

To hear the interview, click the link below and choose No. 340, minute-23

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