Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary!

I still remember when I really wanted to go back to my hometown to celebrate my Papa & Mama's 25th wedding anniversary, five years ago. I couldn't make it though, since I had to work in Surabaya at that time, so no special celebration happened on that day.

After I came back from my one-month vacation in hometown, suddenly I realized that this year will be their 30th wedding anniversary! Wow! I will miss it again...but I swore to myself, I can't let it pass without living at least a sweet memory for both of them...

So my teammates were my borthers who were in hometown for school vacation. Diar came up with a very good idea to make a photo collage of Papa & Mama. He would get a friend to help him create that.

For the cake, at first I would like to order a cake with figurines, but the price was too expensive and they needed a good travel agent to deliver it from Surabaya to hometown. So, I tried to order from another bakery shop, but even though this shop has a facebook account, I think the owner didn't get used to receive online order. He didn't reply to my queries and communication was the problem. Finally, Dion managed to order from another person and she gave my parents a flower bouquet as a gift! Wonderful!

Both Papa and Mama forgot that the day was their memorable day, and it was Pearl Anniversary! I called them, and they were surprised...even more surprised when they received the cake, flower and picture ^^ Yey!

Thanks God for both of them. We love you Papa & Mama.

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